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Metropolitian Area Cities
Hong Kong is in the metropolitian area of Pearl River Delta.
• Dongguan
• Foshan
• Guangzhou
• Huizhou
• Jiangmen
• Macau
• Shenzhen
• Zhongshan
• Zhuhai

Hong Kong

Returned to the People's Republic of China from Great Britain in 1997.
Central was formerly known as Victoria.

Important finanical centre in the Far East .

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Ocean Shores Phase 358built2003(1)
Ocean Shores Phase 258built2002(1)
Ocean Shores Phase 158built2001(1)
Metroplaza Tower 147built1992(1)
Manhattan Place42built2009(1)
Queen's Garden34built1992(2)
One SilverSea47built2006(1)
Grand Waterfront58built2007
Metro Harbour View50built2004(1)
Caribbean Coast54built2004(1)
Vianni Cove 151built2003
Langham Place Hotel42built2004(1)
Singga Commercial Centre41built1982(1)
Chelsea Court56built2005(2)
Verbena Heights52built1997(1)
Shell Tower39built1993(2)
The Avenue Phase 2, T344built2015
The Avenue Phase 2, T244built2015
Park Central54built2002(2)
The Grandiose I46built2006
Hong Kong Plaza43built1984(1)
Cambridge House36built2003(2)
Tierra Verde52built2000
The Seymour48built2011(1)
12 Broadwood Road45built2010(1)
633 King's Road35built2007(1)
Tseung Kwan O Plaza56built2004(2)
La Cité Noble49built1999(1)
The Legend 152built2006
Sky Tower52built2004(1)
Oxford House41built1999(1)
Imperial Kennedy41built2016(1)
Lime Stardom37built2011
J.W. Marriott Hotel50built1988(3)
The Zenith 147built2007
PCCW Tower42built1994(1)
The Rise49built2015(1)
The Long Beach46built2004(1)
One Pacific Place40built1988(3)
118 Connaught Road West40built1994(1)
Seaview Crescent50built2002(1)
Coastal Skyline50built2002(1)
The Zenith 246built2006
The Gloucester45built2013(1)
The Legend 552built2006
The Legend 352built2006
The Legend 252built2006
The Metropolis50built2002(1)
Les Saisons50built2002(1)
Belchers Hill48built2010(1)
18 Farm Road48built2004
Montery Plaza37built2017
COS Centre33built2015
15-17 Chong Yip Street30built2015(1)
1 Peking Road30built2003(2)
Edinburgh Tower45built1983(1)
Dynasty Court47built1992(1)
Gloucester Tower46built1980(1)
One Wanchai43built2013(1)
Harbour Grand42built2008
Plaza Hollywood52built1998(1)
Residence Oasis49built2003(1)
The Riverpark45built2014(1)
The Palazzo45built2009(1)
Queen's Terrace 245built2002
148 Electric Road41built2001(2)
Park Towers 151built1989(1)
Hampton Place51built2003(1)
Le Sommet50built2000
Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong42built2005(3)
The Summit Terrace47built2003(1)
Ellery Terrace45built2000
MLC Tower40built1998(1)
Park Avenue51built2000(2)
Henley Building36built1997(1)
8 Waterloo Road45built2004(1)
Bank of Communications Tower33built1996(1)
50 Connaught Road Central28built2011
Li Po Chun Chambers31built1995(1)
The Panorama52built1999(1)
The Zenith 344built2007
Goodman Interlink25built2012(1)
Bamboo Grove35built1985(1)
Robinson Place Block 248built1994
York Place40built2010
Thorn Cliff46built1982(1)
World Trade Centre40built1975(1)
Nan Fung Plaza49built2000(1)
East Point City49built2000
New World Tower 143built1978(1)
Dorset House39built1994(1)
Skyline Tower38built2004(1)
Goldwin Heights43built1994
Robinson Place Block 148built1994
Royal Peninsula Blocks 1-450built2001(1)
Sun Tuen Mun Centre48built1991
Pacific View47built1990
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