Frankfurt is the center of one of the most productive and dynamic regions in Europe. As continental Europe's largest financial center, home of the European Central Bank and to the headquarters of many companies, the international importance of Frankfurt continues to grow.

But it is also a city of intellect, of apple wine, of small-town friendliness, green spaces and 180 nationalities.

Yet despite Frankfurt's diversity it is still easy to keep an overview of the metropolis. The distances one needs to cover to visit colleagues or friends in the city are comparatively short, while its excellent infrastructure enables visitors and residents alike to reach even remote destinations quickly and conveniently.

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Wilhelm-Epstein Straße 12710built
Walter-Kolb-Straße 710built
Walter-Kolb-Straße 1310built1981
Speicherstraße 5-910built
Speicherstraße 11-1510built2007
Solitaire an der Hamburger Allee10built
Schultheißenweg 105b-c10built
Savoy Hotel10built
Offenbacher Landstraße 497a10built
Mainzer Landstraße 32310built
Kubus 4810built2008
Königsberger Straße 210built
Johanna-Tesch-Platz 110built
Hanauer Landstraße 17410built2009
Gerichtsgebäude D10built
Gerhart-Hauptmann Ring 39010built
Florstädter Straße 25-2710built
Bolongarostraße 6810built
Am Erlenbruch 810built
Adelonstraße 2710built
Johann Wolfgang Goethe - Universität Poel...7built1931(1)
Stresemannallee 6312built
Seilerstraße 10-1212built
Campus Frankfurt School9built2017
Konrad-Duden-Weg 114built1983
Langweidenstraße 2412built
Porthstraße 1113built
Parkhaus P3313built
Neue Mainzer Straße 5710built
Goldenes Haus10built1987
Opernplatz XIV9built2016
Im Heisenrath 19built
Terminal 2built1994
Mailänder Straße 1814built
Langweidenstraße 5013built
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