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Frankfurt is the center of one of the most productive and dynamic regions in Europe. As continental Europe's largest financial center, home of the European Central Bank and to the headquarters of many companies, the international importance of Frankfurt continues to grow.

But it is also a city of intellect, of apple wine, of small-town friendliness, green spaces and 180 nationalities.

Yet despite Frankfurt's diversity it is still easy to keep an overview of the metropolis. The distances one needs to cover to visit colleagues or friends in the city are comparatively short, while its excellent infrastructure enables visitors and residents alike to reach even remote destinations quickly and conveniently.

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Walter-Kolb-Straße 9-1112built
Stephanstraße 1-312built1974
Mainzer Landstraße 185-18912built1990
Kennedyallee 9312built
Haus des Straßenverkehrs12built1964
Hamburger Allee 2612built(1)
Gartenstraße 612built1972
Bleichstraße 52-5612built
Torhaus Westhafen11built2003
Ziegelhüttenweg 1-315built
Wohnheim Arbeiterwohlfahrt Frankfurt15built
Thudichumstraße 18-2215built1974
Studentenwerk Turmbau B15built
Staatliche Schule für Kranken- und Kinder...15built
Senefelderweg 115built
Röderbergweg 12615built
Rheinlandstraße 1415built
Praunheimer Weg 9915built1964
Mörfelder Landstraße 21215built
Mittlerer Hasenpfad 3915built
Karl-Kautsky-Weg 4815built
Hausener Obergasse 1515built
Gerhart-Hauptmann-Ring 9615built
Am Niddatal 3315built
Am Niddatal 1515built
DeTe Medien13built
Axa Versicherung AG11built2003
My Zeil8built2009
Dortelweiler Straße 3913built
Bienenkorb Hochhaus12built1954(2)
AOK Hessen11built
Riverside Forum10built
Messehalle 3built2003
Toni-Sender-Straße 2-814built
Sigmund-Freud-Straße 10714built1970
Schwesternwohnheim H.-Hoffmann-Straße14built
Schönbornstraße 4714built
Robert-Dißmann-Straße 2-1014built
Rennbahnstraße 72-7414built
Parkhaus P314built
Im Mainfeld 514built
Hungener Straße 414built
Bernadottestraße 114built
Mainzer Landstraße 169-17111built
Ludwig-Landmann-Straße 40511built
Gutleutstraße 8211built1997
Finanzamt Frankfurt am Main11built1994
Mailänder Straße 1618built
Main Airport Center11built2004
Hanauer Landstraße 49711built1965
Sozialrathaus Bockenheim12built
Danziger Platz 12-1812built
Walter-Kolb-Straße 511built1972
Solmstraße 3611built
Sankt Katharinen Krankenhaus10built1960
Mainzer Landstraße 5510built
IBC Gebäude B10built2003
IBC Gebäude A10built2003
Deutsche Vermögensberatung10built
Rotlintstraße 9515built1975
Waldecker Straße 1913built1957
Stresemannallee 6513built
Steinbacher Hohl 7213built
Platenstraße 7113built
Mittlerer Hasenpfad 5013built
Luthmerstraße 53-5513built
Leuchte 5113built
In der Römerstadt 15413built
In der Römerstadt 12413built
In der Römerstadt 11813built
Hammarskjöldring 69-7113built
Hammarskjöldring 123-12513built
Guaitastraße 33a13built
Gerhart-Hauptmann-Ring 41013built1964
Falkensteiner Straße 7713built
Eleonore-Sterling-Straße 5313built
Eleonore-Sterling-Straße 2413built
Dietesheimer Straße 713built
Dietesheimer Straße 313built
Dietesheimer Straße 1113built
Courtyard Messe13built1972
Oval am Baseler Platz10built2003
Office Center10built2004
Oberlindau 54-5610built1994
Wohnhochhaus Sommerhoff Park B11under construction(1)
Adina Apartment Hotel Frankfurt Messe11under construction(1)
Solitaire an der Hamburger Allee10built
Savoy Hotel10built
Mainzer Landstraße 32310built
Kubus 4810built2008
Königsberger Straße 210built
Hanauer Landstraße 17410built2009
Gerichtsgebäude D10built
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