Frankfurt is the center of one of the most productive and dynamic regions in Europe. As continental Europe's largest financial center, home of the European Central Bank and to the headquarters of many companies, the international importance of Frankfurt continues to grow.

But it is also a city of intellect, of apple wine, of small-town friendliness, green spaces and 180 nationalities.

Yet despite Frankfurt's diversity it is still easy to keep an overview of the metropolis. The distances one needs to cover to visit colleagues or friends in the city are comparatively short, while its excellent infrastructure enables visitors and residents alike to reach even remote destinations quickly and conveniently.

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Westend First15built2005
Adina Hotel15built2009
Turm Ost14built
Stresemannallee 3014built1971
Städtische Kliniken Frankfurt Höchst14built1965
Rhenania Hafengebäude14built
IG Metall West Turm14built
IG Metall Ost Turm14built
Hahnstraße 3114built
Hahnstraße 30-3214built1987
Atzelbergstraße 3514built
Mailänder Straße 1224built
Deutscher Fachverlag17built1989
Julius-Brecht-Straße 520built1967
Julius-Brecht-Straße 120built1969
Wyndham Grand Frankfurt Hotel18built
Sigmund-Freud-Straße 12118built1974
Sigmund-Freud-Straße 10318built1970
Raimundstraße 10018built
Julius-Leber-Weg 518built
Inheidener Straße 6918built(1)
Im Mainfeld 2118built
Im Mainfeld 1918built
Atzelbergstraße 6218built
Deutsche Bundesbank17built1972(1)
Stresemannallee 6114built
Im Heisenrath 1814built
Berufsgenossenschaft der Bauwirtschaft - B...14built
Berkersheimer Weg 818built2000
Westend Sky13built
Rothenberger Haus13built
Hauptzollamt Frankfurt13built
Eschersheimer Landstraße 21913built
Dreieichstraße 5913built
DB Netz AG13built1996
Olivetti Turm 112built1972(1)
Studentenwerk Turmbau A17built
Sonnenring Ost17built1974
Rothschildallee 1817built1972
Kurmainzer Straße 16117built1972
Kohlbrandstraße 2417built
Guaitastraße 5017built
Dunantring 16117built
Atzelbergstraße 5217built
An der Fischerweide 217built
RWE Hochhaus15built1971
Colonia Business Center15built1988
Homburger Landstraße 765-76718built1973
Stresemannallee 2813built
Frankfurter Welle13built2001
Kia Motors European Headquarters11built2007(1)
Hainer Weg 2422built
Kohlrauschweg 1117built1963(1)
Hilton Hotel14built1998
Haus Bieger14built
Mainzer Landstraße 2313built1992
Im Heisenrath 1213built
Am Niddatal 2313built
Eschersheimer Landstraße 1015built1972
Wiener Straße 59-6316built
Steinbacher Hohl 7616built
Seckbacher Landstraße 7416built
Schleusenweg 1116built
Röderbergweg 2916built
Reichelstraße 5016built
Langweidenstraße 3216built
Im Mainfeld 716built
Bernadottestraße 5616built
Am Niddatal 716built
Wiener Straße 71-8113built
Wiener Straße 12813built
Kleemannstraße 42-4613built
Atzelbergstraße 7-913built
Zentralgebäude Universitätsklinikum12built1972
Maritim Hotel12built1996
Mainzer Landstraße 512built1985
Erweiterungsbau Krankenhaus Nordwest12built2006
BG Unfallklinik12built1977
AirRail Center9built2010(1)
Mailänder Straße 1420built
Mailänder Straße 1020built
Karlstraße 19-2114built
Walter-Kolb-Straße 9-1112built
Stephanstraße 1-312built1974
Mainzer Landstraße 185-18912built1990
Kennedyallee 9312built
Haus des Straßenverkehrs12built1964
Hamburger Allee 2612built
Gartenstraße 612built1972
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