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Ashkelon City Hall Tower32under construction
Eyal Towers21built
Dimri West 221built2013
Dimri West 121built2013
Hagiva Barnea20under construction
Azorim Barnea 220under construction
Azorim Barnea 120under construction
1 Eshtaol Street20built2000
Royal Marina Tower 119built2006
3 Ben Gurion Boulevard19built2005
Royal Marina Tower 218proposed
Fly Towers Barnea 318under construction
Fly Towers Barnea 218under construction
Fly Towers Barnea 118under construction
41 Kadesh Street18built2004
39 Kadesh Street18built2003
37 Kadesh Street18built2002
Royal Barnea 217built2005
Royal Barnea 117built2005
Dimri Barnea 617under construction
Dimri Barnea 517under construction
Dimri Barnea 417under construction
Dimri Barnea 317under construction
Dimri Barnea 217under construction
Dimri Barnea 117under construction
9 Megido Street17built2004
7 Megido Street17built2004
Lev Barnea 216built2016
Lev Barnea 116built2016
Leonardo Ashkelon Hotel16built1999
Azorei Barnea 416built2008
Azorei Barnea 316built2007
3 Megido Street16built2003
1 Megido Street16built2003
Raz Towers 215built2012
Raz Towers 115built2012
Azorei Barnea 715built2012
Azorei Barnea 615built2012
Azorei Barnea 515built2012
The Beach Apartments15built