Bernal was founded in 1850 and is officially a city since 1960. It was named after Félix Bernal, who donated the land for the construction of the railway station of the same name.

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Berquil VII19built1985(2)
Don Bosco 8515built1995(1)
Belgrano 32815built1971(1)
9 de Julio 6014built1970(1)
Parque Bernal A213built2014(1)
Mirador de Bernal14built2013(1)
Parque Bernal A113built1999(1)
Berquil II14built1981(1)
Parque Bernal B113built1999(1)
Castro Barros 3413built1968(1)
Bernal Concept13built2016(1)
25 de Mayo 4012built2012(1)
Plaza Vista12built2009(1)
Berquil I11built1980(1)
Castro Barros 4611built2009(1)
9 de Julio 41611built2008(1)