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Formerly known as Talien, Dalny or Dairen.

A city of northeast China on the Liaodong Peninsula and the Bo Hai. A major seaport, it was opened to foreign commerce in 1901 and occupied by the Japanese during the Russo-Japanese War (1904–1905).

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Dalian City Commercial Bank13built
The People's Bank of China Dalian Central ...12built
Yinzhou International Mansionbuilt
Wanke Mansionbuilt
Parkland Project Tower 2proposed
Parkland Project Tower 1proposed
Karen Harbour Worldbuilt
Kaimei Mansionbuilt
Jinlian Mansionbuilt
International Finance Towerbuilt
Houston Condominiumbuilt
Guo Yun Buildingbuilt
Dalian Daxian Hotelbuilt
China Renmin Bankbuilt
Chengda Mansionbuilt
Baojia Mansionbuilt
AVIC International Squareproposed
Aloft Dalianbuilt2013
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