Formerly known as Talien, Dalny or Dairen.

A city of northeast China on the Liaodong Peninsula and the Bo Hai. A major seaport, it was opened to foreign commerce in 1901 and occupied by the Japanese during the Russo-Japanese War (1904–1905).

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Best Western Premier Dalian Harbour View H...30built1998
Youhao Mansion30built2002
Harbour Mansion30built
Bohai Pearl Hotel30built1997
HongFu Office Tower26built2002
China Telecom Building25built1996
Hongyu Commerce Building28built1996
Xinzu Hotel30built1997
Yongjing Terrace36built2002
Century Tower28built1997
Fangzhi Building25built1994
Victory Gardens24built
HongFu Apartment Tower24built2003
Customs Office Building24built1997
Dalian Admire Plaza Hotel29built1999
Delight Hotel Dalian25built
Liaoning Atwin Enterprise Building23built1994
Guoxin Building23built
Grand Hotel Dalian23built
Citic Industrial Bank Building23built1994
Chang Jiang Apartments23built
Furama Hotel Dalian Tower I22built1988
Guan Tao Apartments Block B28built
Guan Tao Apartments Block A28built
Fortune Business Hotel27built2001
Sun Moon Lake Hotel26built
Central Palace Apartment Hotelbuilt
Ramada Hotel Dalian24built1989
Kuiying Apartment24built
Wanda International Hotel23built1996
Dalian Royal Hotel23built
Dalian Haiqiao Hotel22built
Norinco Hotel21built
Sincere Qiulin Building18built1998
21st Century Hotel18built1999
Motel 168 Super22built
Bo Hai Hotel12built1976
Jinguang Mansion30built
Highrise Housing of Power Plant30built
China Everbright Bank Building30built
Shuili Building27built1998
Digital Building27built
Bank of China26built1992
Dalian International Hotel25built1987
Wanda Building22built
Gold Name Commercial Building22built1997
Gloria Plaza Hotel Dalian20built
Dalian COFCO Plaza20built1995
Castle Hotel20built2002
Suisheng Building19built1997
Xinglong Country Villa18built
Xinghai Villa18built
Quarantine Building of Animal & Plants18built
Jin Lian Mansion18built
Huari Hotel Dalian18built
Haifu Building18built
Golden Shine Hotel Dalian18built1998
Education Center for Graduate Study18built1998
Dalian Radio & TV Broadcasting Center18built
Dalian Haiyun North Building18built
Dalian Children's Hospital18built
Dalian Aerbin Jinshan Hotel18built
Inn Fine Hotel17built
Wanzhong Qinghuayuan Villa16built
Kerren Hotel16built
Huaneng Mansion16built
Dalian Guotai Hotel16built
Dalian Green Paradise Garden 216built
Dalian Green Paradise Garden 116built
Binghai Mansion16built
Sea Horizon Hotel15built
Cts Jian Xing Hotel14built
Dalian Yida New World Residence Tower 213built2000
Dalian Yida New World Residence Tower 113built2000
Dalian City Commercial Bank13built
The People's Bank of China Dalian Central ...12built
Yinzhou International Mansionbuilt
Wanke Mansionbuilt
Kaimei Mansionbuilt
Jinlian Mansionbuilt
International Finance Towerbuilt
Houston Condominiumbuilt
Dalian Daxian Hotelbuilt
China Renmin Bankbuilt
Chengda Mansionbuilt
Aloft Dalianbuilt2013
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