Chongqing, located in the southwest of China, is China's fourth and youngest municipality directly under the administration of central government,and now is the biggest city in southwest China. The special location of being at the confluence of Jialing and Yangtze River makes it the essential gateway of the west part of the country to the east.

It is a city of great historical importance, and has now developed into one of China's heavy industry base as well as a telecommunication hub.

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Chongqing Tower114cancelled(1)
ASE Center R688cancelled
International Conference & Exhibition Center85cancelled(1)
Tianlong Hotel73cancelled(1)
Jianshe Apartment Project75cancelled
Chaotianmen Plaza68cancelled(1)
International Finance Center66cancelled
Nanping Telecommunication Hinge Centercancelled
Chenghao International Square63cancelled(3)
Erlang Commerce & Culture City53cancelled(1)
Futian City Tower56cancelled
International Convention & Exhibition Center37cancelled(1)
Qingfeng International Mansion48cancelled
Cai Xin Plaza42cancelled