Chongqing, located in the southwest of China, is China's fourth and youngest municipality directly under the administration of central government,and now is the biggest city in southwest China. The special location of being at the confluence of Jialing and Yangtze River makes it the essential gateway of the west part of the country to the east.

It is a city of great historical importance, and has now developed into one of China's heavy industry base as well as a telecommunication hub.

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Chongqing Chaotianmen Hotel31destroyed
Three Gorge Hotel22destroyed
Yixin Building20destroyed
Fengjie Jianyin Tower14destroyed
Yuxi Exhibiton Center16destroyed
Shengyuan Building12destroyed
Shengyuan Building12destroyed
Steamship Corp. Tower 118destroyed
Steamship Corp. Tower 216destroyed
Yubeisancun No.210destroyed
Yubeisancun No.110destroyed
No.10 Xingshenglu Tower10destroyed
Jianbei No.2 Road Tower 210destroyed
Kexie Building9destroyed
Jiangbeitown Bank of Commerce & Industry T...9destroyed
114# Changjiang 29destroyed
102# Changjiang 29destroyed
Guanyinqiao Post Office Tower8destroyed
Jianbei No.2 Road Tower 16destroyed