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Chongqing, located in the southwest of China, is China's fourth and youngest municipality directly under the administration of central government,and now is the biggest city in southwest China. The special location of being at the confluence of Jialing and Yangtze River makes it the essential gateway of the west part of the country to the east.

It is a city of great historical importance, and has now developed into one of China's heavy industry base as well as a telecommunication hub.

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Listing 301 to 400 of 465 buildings
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Chongqing Store Building15built
Yuxi Exhibiton Center16destroyed
Haomen Apartment26built
Shengyuan Building12destroyed
Three Gorge Material Building15built2000
Shengyuan Building12destroyed
Wenfeng Tower12built
Wanmao Commercial Capital70proposed
Bank of Communications62proposed
High-Tech Edifice55proposed
Dinghao Century Stars City. R155built2009
Science and Technology Edifice50proposed
Red Tower Center 248proposed
Red Tower Center 148proposed
Empire State Building A48proposed
Tian Long Plaza A46built2004
Spring of Peninsula Tower45proposed
Golden Shield Plaza41built
Gold Summer Park Building40built2003
Hengtongyunding International Apartment B39built2003
NEO-China Top City Hotel Apartment37built2007
Deyi World36built2000
Gold Hill Building35built
Futian Edifice35built
Chongqing Merchant Mansion35built1989
Yijing Tower34built2002
Peninsula International Business Edifice34built2000
Erya Tower34built2002
New Shanghai Mansion B33built2007
Metro Economy&Trade Tower33built
Empire State Building B33proposed
Yifeng Garden Tower B32built
Yifeng Garden Tower A32built
Wanyou Conifer Hotel32built1997
Sanling Building32built2002
Overseas Chinese Building32built1997
New Shanghai Mansion A32built2007
New Chongqing Plaza32built2004
Nanping Mansion32built2001
Jiuhua Tower32built2003
Huaxia Plaza Tower A32built2007
Huating Jiayuan Tower 232built2000
Huating Jiayuan Tower 132built2000
Gold Port Building32built2001
CITIC Industrial Bank Tower32built2001
Chongqing Forest32built2001
Bayu Tower32built2003
Zhongtian Plaza31built
Zhongfu Building Tower 131built
Xingli Mansion31built2001
Wanzhou CCB Tower North31built1999
Shengrenhui Mansion31built2005
Meiyin Yuan31built2001
Jiliang Plaza B31built2001
Hejing International Hotel31proposed
Gold Island E-House Apartment31built2001
Dihao Mingdu31built2000
Ziyuan-Sanjiang Pearl A30built
Zhong An International Mansion30built
Zhiyin Tower30built
Wanji Plaza A30built
Times Sartfield30built2002
Sunshine City30built
Shengdi Building30built
North Bund Constellation30built2003
Nanyuan Hotel30built1998
Jiangfeng Yazhu30built
Huaxia Ginza30built
Hongtai Tower30built2000
Hengxin Mansion30built1999
Glory City Tower 230built2007
Glory City Tower 130built2007
Dao Yuan Square30built2003
Chongqing Huang Jia Grand Hotel30built
Chongqing Clerk Office Building30built2003
Artsky Tower30built2003
18-step Synthesize Tower30built
Wanji Plaza B29built
Qing Tai Mansion29built
Jahoo Hong Kong City Tower 729built2007
Jahoo Hong Kong City Tower 229built2007
International Finance Tower29built1995
Di Ting Xuan29built2007
Chongqing International Chamber of Commerc...29built2000
Baokangda Tower29built
Xipu Mansion28built2000
Wankai Xindu Kuai28built2004
Wankai Vangard28built2004
The Chongqing Association of Industry and ...28built2006
Kowloon Mansion28built2001
Kangjian Building28built2000
Jujin Building28built
Jahoo Hong Kong City Tower 628built2007
Jahoo Hong Kong City Tower 328built2007
Haiyi Garden28built
Foreign Trade Mansion28built
City's Mien28built2001
North City Square C27built2004
North City Square B27built2004
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