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Chongqing, located in the southwest of China, is China's fourth and youngest municipality directly under the administration of central government,and now is the biggest city in southwest China. The special location of being at the confluence of Jialing and Yangtze River makes it the essential gateway of the west part of the country to the east.

It is a city of great historical importance, and has now developed into one of China's heavy industry base as well as a telecommunication hub.

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Onecity Xinjie Phase 233built
Ziyuan-Sanjiang Pearl C26built
Ziyuan-Sanjiang Pearl B26built2007
Yu Gao Plaza C26built2000
Huaxia Plaza Tower B26built2007
Baixiang Street Tower 226built1991
Green Space24built
Daping Hospital Complex Ward Buildingbuilt2008
Nanan Power Bureau & Nandian Co. Tower30built
Yijing Tower34built2002
Peninsula International Business Edifice34built2000
Erya Tower34built2002
Beidi New City G30built
Beidi New City F30built
Beidi New City E30built
Qifeng Tower29built
Xiya Square Main Tower26built
Silver Capital Apartment24built1999
Hongcheng Building24built1999
Guangyu Jiandong Tower24built2002
Chongqing Pacific Square B28built
Jiayun Shanshui A230built
Jiayun Shanshui A130built
Foggy Capital Mansion31built2001
Chongqing Science Association Tower30built2000
Yihui Building 128built
Shiyuan Tower28built
Jahoo Hong Kong City Tower 628built2007
Jahoo Hong Kong City Tower 328built2007
Beidi New City A128built
Xin Tai Mansion27built2001
Wuwen Tower25built2003
Shiyun Tower25built2003
Rongzhou Yuan25built
Mingshi City25built2004
King's Plaza Tower A25built
Julong Jinyuan Tower A25built2002
Hefu Hotel25built
Empire Capital Square Tower A25built2003
Dihao Lido Tower B23built
Dihao Lido Tower A23built
Kingdom International Apartment 228built
Kingdom International Apartment 128built
Fuling Hotel21built1999
Xinghe Gangdu31built2004
Xianda Building24built2000
Wudu Hotel24built1989
Gaochuang Jinye Tower24built2003
New Times Tower24built2000
South Sartfield21built
Jiulong Power Building20built2007
Fengjie Commercial and TradeBuilding23built
Zhourong Plaza Tower A22built
Golden Kwan-yin Plaza23built1998
Wenxing Tower22built2002
Taixing Science & Technology Square22built1998
Jinfu Mansion22built2002
Chongqing Grand Hotel27built1988
Xiangguo Building24built
Chongqing Taxation Bureau Building25built
Xinyuan Mansion22built2000
Mingyuan Hotel22built2001
Listen River Building22built2000
Crown Multi-storied Building22built1996
Chongbai Hotel24built
Southwest Hotel Attach Tower20built1991
Yangtze Holiday Inn23built1987(1)
Jiayin Tower21built2003
Hejing International Tower B21built
Four Ring Tower21built1999
Milan Tower24built
First Aid Center20built1987
North Tower20built1999
Chongqing Liyuan Hotel20built2000
Beiyuan Building20proposed
Milky Way Hotel19built1994
Carnival Tower14built2005
Rongshen Building18built2000
Jianianhua Center14built2005
Xiji Building18built
Lishui Jingyuan Phase 2 A222built
Huang Jue Yuan Tower C22built
Huang Jue Yuan Tower B22built
Huang Jue Yuan Tower A22built
Nanjin White Tower13built1810
Yangxin Grand Hotel16built
Hoi Tak Hotel16built
Chongqing Store Building15built
Chongqing International Conference and Exh...built
Haomen Apartment26built
Three Gorge Material Building15built2000
Wenfeng Tower12built
Science and Technology Edifice50proposed
Red Tower Center 248proposed
Red Tower Center 148proposed
Empire State Building A48proposed
Spring of Peninsula Tower45proposed
New Shanghai Mansion B33built2007
Empire State Building B33proposed
Overseas Chinese Building32built1997
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