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Chongqing, located in the southwest of China, is China's fourth and youngest municipality directly under the administration of central government,and now is the biggest city in southwest China. The special location of being at the confluence of Jialing and Yangtze River makes it the essential gateway of the west part of the country to the east.

It is a city of great historical importance, and has now developed into one of China's heavy industry base as well as a telecommunication hub.

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Financial City Tower B31under construction
Jinsui Mansion40built1997
Ruiqi Times Solo39built2007
Metropolitan Tower34built1998(1)
Colour TV Center32built1998(1)
Maoye East Times38built2005
Chongqing No.2 Long Distance Telecommunica...24built
Century Galaxy43built2004(1)
Financial City Tower C29under construction
Hengtongyunding International Apartment A42built2003
Wanyou Kangnian International Apartment135built2005
Square International Mansion35built2003
Hongsheng Mansion35built2001
North City Square A38built2004
Sunshine 100 Internation New City A1-337built2007
Jinhong Building33built
Yide Mansion32built2006
Chongqing University Teaching Building29built2004
Century Plaza Tower B33built2009
Jiliang Hongkong-Macao Square A37built2001
Bin Xin Century City Main Tower36built2006
Nongken Tower31built2007
Yaohua - International Business Mansion34built2005
Wanchuan Garden32built
Chuangjing 200029built2003
Open E-Business Mansion31built1999
Xinhua Yege30built
Mini Tower A30built2002
Yu Tian Mansion29built2000
Southwest Hospital Surgery Tower25built2003
The Grand Southwest Hotel Main Tower24built1990(1)
Kempinski Hotel Tower B22built2011(1)
Pacific Square A35built1995(1)
Fuyuanlai Supermarket Tower30built2007
Continental Grand Hotel30built
Yuzhong Tower28built
Xiandai Tower38built
China Plaza38built
Ziran Dadi27built2005
Chongqing Bank of Commerce & Industry33built1990
Heaven Garden26built2005
Global Square31built1998
Sheraton International Apartment A33built2007
Yangtze River Shipping Mansion32built
Yangtze Island Hotel32built
Gangtian Building32built
Shalong Square 331built2003
Shalong Square 231built2003
Shalong Square 131built2003
Xingdi City Ark30built2003
Future Tower29built2006
Jiangbei District Government Office Building28built2006
Sun Valley Tower [2]under construction
Sunshine Constellation32built2004
Hejing-Jurong Plaza29built2004
Heyday Plaza B28built2005
Chongqing Electric Power Mansion26built
Wanzhou CCB Tower South30built1999
Jinhe Tower A29built
Zhenyin Mansion26built1998
Sydney Town32built2007
City Transforms Residential Tower 334built
City Transforms Residential Tower 234built
City Transforms Residential Tower 134built
Ba Shu Mansion33built
Hecheng Mansion B31built2002
Hecheng Mansion A31built2002
Hongta International Garden Metro Tower 331built2005
Hongta International Garden Metro Tower 233built2005
Golden Resources Hotel35built2004
Xinlongda Tower30built2000
Chongqing Industry Meeting Exhibition Center22built1988
Jiangshan Duojiao Tower B33built
Jiangshan Duojiao Tower A33built
Jin Yu City Colour Garden B31built2002
Jin Yu City Colour Garden A31built2002
Train Station Building27built
Sunshine 100 Internation New CIty 131built2007
Xinbaolong Yicheng 332built2008
Xinbaolong Yicheng 232built2008
Xinbaolong Yicheng 132built2008
Sunshine Huating Phase 3 Tower 430built
Sunshine Huating Phase 3 Tower 330built
Sunshine Huating Phase 3 Tower 230built
Sunshine Huating Phase 3 Tower 130built
California Garden Block 930built
California Garden Block 830built
Bund Mansion30proposed
Junyue Tianxia27built2007
Guangyu Sunshine Coastbuilt
Haoyue Tower33built2004
Free Condo33built2004
Chongqing Investment Mansion32built2005
Wangjiao Golden City23built2005
Hejing International Tower A30built
Mingdu City Tower 1430built2005
Lideer Tower A30built2004
Xudong Jiatianxia Tower A32built2003
Hexin Tower29built2002
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