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Zahra Maadi Building 412built2000
Zahra Maadi Building 112built2000
New Nasr City Building 912built2002
New Nasr City Building 812built2002
New Nasr City Building 712built2002
New Nasr City Building 612built2002
New Nasr City Building 512built2002
New Nasr City Building 412built2002
New Nasr City Building 312built2002
New Nasr City Building 212built2002
New Nasr City Building 1112built2002
New Nasr City Building 1012built2002
New Nasr City Building 112built2002
Ministry of Treasury Tower 312built
Zahra Maadi Building 512built2000
Zahra Maadi Building 312built2000
Zahra Maadi Building 212built2000
Al Marwa Office Building12built1980
Le Meridien Heliopolis11built
Abu Khudair Tower11built
Police Authority Hospital11built
Yacobian Building10built1934
Mosaddak Administrative Tower10built
Ard Al Safarat Building 810built2000
Ard Al Safarat Building 710built2000
Ard Al Safarat Building 610built2000
Ard Al Safarat Building 510built2000
Ard Al Safarat Building 410built2000
Ard Al Safarat Building 310built2000
Ard Al Safarat Building 210built2000
Ard Al Safarat Building 110built2000
Al Marwa Tower10built
Cairo Nile Tower24built
Museum of Egyptian Antiquities3built1902
Yasmine Towerbuilt
Tiba Towerbuilt
The Grand Opera Housebuilt
Sky Towerbuilt
Silver Towerbuilt
Sanan Tower 6built
Sanan Tower 5built
Sanan Tower 4built
Sanan Tower 3built
Sanan Tower 2built
Sanan Tower 1built
Salma Towerbuilt
Roxy Towerbuilt
Riham Towerbuilt
Orman Nile Towerbuilt
Nahda Towerbuilt
Misr Travel Towerbuilt
Massryeen Towerbuilt
Maadi Towerbuilt
Maadi Palace Towerbuilt
Honda Towerbuilt
Hayah Towerbuilt
El-Masry Towerbuilt
El Hoda Towerbuilt
El Gamaa Towerbuilt
Bank Misr Towerbuilt
Abu-Sombol Towerbuilt
Abou Ghali Towerbuilt
Abdeen Palacebuilt1863
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