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Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina, and one of the largest cities in the world.
It is one of the most prosperous cities in South America, and it abounds with parks, wide boulevards, and historic architecture.
The city has 202 square kilometers (78.3 square miles).

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Edificio Esmeralda25built2006(2)
Torre de las Americas26built
Las Barrancas26built1985
Juncal 310226built(1)
Hotel Emperador24built2001(1)
Penal de Caseros23destroyed(1)
Miro XIV25built2008
Zabala 189127built(1)
Migueletes 105426built
Cavia 306326built
Cachimayo 1126built(1)
Libertador 170825built
Libertador Plaza24built1973(1)
Libertador 439824built
Coronel Diaz 233324built(1)
Quartier Sinclair Sur23built2000(1)
Quartier Sinclair Norte23built2000(1)
Centennial Tower 222built2004(1)
Libertad Park21built1999
World Trade Center Buenos Aires 221built2011(1)
World Trade Center Buenos Aires 121built2011(1)
Torre Panorama25built2010
Town House Soho21built2009
Libertador 40826built(1)
La Plata 14825built
Las Heras 403724built
Libertador 490226built
Cabildo 240123built1990
Ayres del Botanico23built1997
ENN Arce25built2007(1)
Arribeños 172426built
Zapata 3125built(1)
Figueroa Alcorta 359025built(1)
Luis Maria Campos 143524built(1)
Moreno 85023built
Edificio Fortabat21built1992(2)
Laminar Plaza20built1997(1)
Gelly 354524built
Libertador 671023built
Torre Jacaranda22built2005(1)
ENN 3 de Febrero22built2009
Sucre 193524built2006
Abasto Plaza Hotel21built2000(2)
Super Usina Carlos Givogribuilt1933(1)
Complejo Bellini Plaza San Martín 1under construction(1)
Billinghurst 201420built
Libertador 472024built
Tronador 4365 - Torre II23built
Tronador 4365 - Torre I23built
Sanatorio Guemes23built1978
Rocamora 434323built2009
Nicolas Repetto 5523built
Malabia 243023built
Libertador 3672-369023built
Independencia 20123built(1)
Edificio Loria23built1998
Echeverria 224823built
Bogota 28423built
Arribeños 143523built(1)
Arcos 241923built
Torre Las Plazas Amenabar21built2007(1)
Presidente Hotel20built
Pasaje Norte20built2005
Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires20built1977
Edificio Otto Wulf12built1914(1)
Polo Plaza22built1996
Centennial Tower 320built2004(1)
Arcos del Polo - Torre Polo20built2004
Caesar Park Hotel18built1992(1)
Galeria de las Catalinas23built
Zapiola 267522built(1)
Zabala 173922built
Larrea 78522built
Torre Mirafiore20built1964(1)
Libertador 769823built
Figueroa Alcorta 368622built1976(1)
Oro Tower21built2009
City Hotel15built1931(3)
Castex 352322built
Castex 331522built
Arcos de Belgrano II21built2004
Arcos de Belgrano I21built2004
Humberto I 98520built
Arcos del Polo - Torre Campos18built2004
Torre Telecom16built1997(1)
South American Building14built1915
Jardines del Libertador23built2005
Torres de Figueroa Alcorta III22built1992
Torres de Figueroa Alcorta II22built1992
Torres de Figueroa Alcorta I22built1992
Silvio L. Ruggieri 304022built
O'Higgins 218322built
La Plata 55722built(1)
Ruiz Huidobro 373721built
Ruiz Huidobro 364021built
Palcos de Palermo21built2007
Nuñez 366121built
Inclan 426621built
Inclan 422621built
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