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Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina, and one of the largest cities in the world.
It is one of the most prosperous cities in South America, and it abounds with parks, wide boulevards, and historic architecture.
The city has 202 square kilometers (78.3 square miles).

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Torre Irsastale proposal(1)
Ugarteche 322132built(2)
Juan Francisco Segui 367232built(1)
Teodoro Garcia 178331built(1)
Torre Almagro28built(1)
Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires24built1984(2)
Las Heras 175032built1969
Galeria Florida32built1961(1)
Torre Portofino31built1996(1)
Libertador 33632built1974(1)
Torre Beruti30built(1)
Torre Madero28built1980(5)
Torre Corrientes28built
Banco Banex26built1979(2)
Legislatura de la Ciudad7built1931(1)
Torres de Gelly - Edificio Salguero34built2007(3)
Libertador 35631built1991(1)
Edificio Petrobras27built1983(1)
Torre CNE26built(1)
Torre SK22built2003(1)
Libertador 220130built1980(1)
Art Tower30built1991(1)
Quartier Ocampo29built2001
Torres Castex28built
Ministerio de Obras Publicas de la Nacion23built1936(1)
Galeria Jardin - Torre A31built1976
Arce 21531built
R. Scalabrini Ortiz 302030built
Forum Alcorta 129built2014
Corrientes 32726built1979
Solares de Montes de Oca II31built2006(1)
Solares de Montes de Oca I31built2000(1)
Cervino Nuevo28built2005
Sheraton Buenos Aires24built1972(1)
Amenabar 204031built
Libertador 60230built(2)
3 de Febrero 193130built
11 de Septiembre 191830built1993
Beruti 464229built2013(1)
Altos Portenos29built
Juncal 312626built(1)
Edificio Safico26built1934(3)
InterContinental Buenos Aires Hotel23built1992(1)
San Martin de Tours 283629built
B.B. y J. Torre 129built(1)
Alvear 149129built(1)
Libertador 242328built1978(1)
Edificio Panedile28built1969(1)
Arenales 180328built
Talcahuano 127227built1981(1)
Ortiz De Ocampo 274927built(1)
Paseo Arroyo28built
Quartier Libertador27built2007(1)
Palermo View - Torre Luis Maria Campos27built2009(1)
Torre Los Galgos26built(1)
Libertad 97831built1984
Corrientes 216426built
Torre ENTEL27built1964(1)
Cavia 303327built1990(1)
Piazza Bellini26cancelled
Mirador de Puerto Madero26built2006(1)
Edificio Comega22built1933(3)
Torre IBM20built1980(1)
Congreso Nacional7built1906(1)
Quartier San Telmo27built2013
Greentower Polo27built2008(1)
Torres Vuelta de Obligado II26built(1)
Torres Vuelta de Obligado I26built(1)
Torres del Abasto 325built1999(1)
Torres del Abasto 225built1999(1)
Torres del Abasto 125built1999(1)
Torre Pirelli23built1975(1)
Torre La Prensa29built2010
Posadas 1258-6228built1969
Forum Alcorta 226built2014
La Pampa 207527built
Migueletes 113026built
Figueroa Alcorta 375025built
Railway Building13built1910(2)
Edificio La Inmobiliaria9built1910(1)
Quantum Palermo27built2013(1)
Avenida Callao 110313built1920(1)
Jardines de Charcas26built2000(1)
Torres de Gelly - Edificio Gelly25built2003(1)
Torre Esmeralda25built1985(2)
Torre del Boulevard Square25built2007(1)
Torre de la Independencia25built1999(1)
Torre Congreso25built2005(1)
Guido 267625built1976
Crowne Plaza Panamericano North25built(1)
Town House Barrancas24built2007(1)
Boulevard Comodoro 232024built2005(1)
Solares de Conesa22built2001
Sheraton Libertador Hotel22built1987(1)
Torre Bencich21built1928(2)
Edificio Libertador20built1943(1)
Galeria Guemes14built1915(1)
Edificio Esmeralda25built2006(2)
Torre de las Americas26built
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