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Forest Hill Apartments II14built
Forest Hill Apartments I14built
Residence on First14built2015
Saugeen-Maitland Hall13built
Ormah Gibson Tower13built2006(1)
19 King13built(1)
Cherryhill Village VI13built(1)
Cherryhill Village V13built(1)
Cherryhill Village IV13built(1)
Cherryhill Village III13built(1)
The Chantry13built
Regency Park Place13built
Grosvenor Gate Apartments13built
Social Science Center8built(1)
Westmount Estates III13built2016
Westmount Estates II13built2007(1)
Westmount Estates I13built2005(1)
Blythwood Place II12built2017
Blythwood Place 312under construction
Dominion Public Building8built1936(1)
Beaverbrook Towers III12built2007
Wonderland Towers12built
Wonderland Place III12built
Wonderland Place II12built
Wonderland Place I12built
Windermere Place III12built
Windermere Place II12built
Windermere Place I12built
Westmount Place12built
Westmount Gate12built
Varsity Commons12built2004(1)
Trillium Towers I12built
The Richmond Hill12built2009
Sugarcreek Village II12built2009
Sugarcreek Village12built2008
Sherwood Gate12built
Pineridge Place South12built
Pineridge Place North12built
Maple Ridge on the Parc West12built
Maple Ridge on the Parc East12built
Lockwood Park III12built
Lockwood Park I12built
Highland Park12built
Fiddler's West Apartments III12built
Fiddler's West Apartments II12built
Fiddler's West Apartments I12built
Churchill Court12built
Cherryhill Village XI12built
Cherryhill Village X12built
Cherryhill Village VIII12built
Cherryhill Village VII12built
Cherryhill Village IX12built
Capulet Towers III12built2010
Capulet Towers II12built2009
Capulet Towers I12built2009
Blythwood Place I12built2017
Beaverbrook Towers II12built2007
Beaverbrook Towers I12built2005
Adelaide Tower West12built
940 On The Park12built2014
760 Wonderland Road South12built
750 Wonderland South12built
7 Picton12built
695 Proudfoot12built
565 Proudfoot Place12built2007
535 Proudfoot Place12built2006
250 South Carriage12under construction
241 Simcoe12built1975
180 Mill12built2010
1299 Huron12built
1255 Huron12built
170 Kent13built1971(1)
Capulet Towers IV11built2011
27 Centre Street10under construction
Woodbury Towers11built
Westmount Square III11built
Westmount Square II11built
Westmount Square I11built
Trillium Towers III11built
Trillium Towers II11built
Springbank Apartments11built
River Park Towers West11built
River Park Towers East11built
Oxford Park Towers11built
Maple View Estate West11built
Maple View Estate East11built
Lockwood Park II11built
Landmark Towers West11built
Landmark Towers East11built
Highland Pines Apartments11built
High Park Place III11built
High Park Place II11built
High Park Place I11built
Capital Hill West11built
Capital Hill East11built
Brownstone Apartments11built
Blossom Gate III11built2010
Blossom Gate II11built2009
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