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Capital of the republic of Colombia, also the country\'s biggest city, is one of the 3 economic and industrial centres of the country, has plenty of red brick highrises, especially in the north of the city

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Torre Entre Calles Bogota95vision(1)
Proyecto B70cancelled(1)
Chicó Business Tower61fantasy(1)
Atrio Torre Sur59proposed
Northpoint VI y VII70proposed
BD Bacata Torre Sur67under construction(2)
Atrio Torre Norte44under construction
BD Bacata Torre Norte56under construction(1)
Torre Colpatria50built1979(8)
Torre Colpatria 250cancelled(1)
Centro de Comercio Internacional50built1974(5)
Centro Conavi45fantasy(1)
Torre Museo Parque Central45under construction
North Point V45under construction
Ciudadela San Martín Torre Norte44built1983(3)
America World Trade Center Tower I32under construction
Edificio Avianca41built1969(3)
Manhattan Heights30fantasy(1)
Torre Krystal35built2015(1)
Marriot Hotel Norte41fantasy(1)
Contraloria de la Nacion36built1974(1)
Torre Empresarial Colseguros36built1997(2)
Torre Barcelona28stale proposal
North Point III33built2009(1)
Ciudadela San Martín Torre Sur40built1970(1)
City U Tower 130built2016
Edificio Seguros Tequendama38built1970(2)
Hotel Hilton Chicó24fantasy(1)
Residencias Tequendama30built1978(1)
Edificio Tierra Firme27built2014(1)
Torres del Parque 137built1970(1)
Edificio Royal & Sun Alliance36built(3)
Banco de Occidente25built(1)
America World Trade Center Tower II22under construction
Central Estation27proposed
Edificio Fonade37built1974(3)
Torres de Fenicia 231built1970(1)
Torres de Fenicia 131built1970(1)
Edificio Davivienda26built(3)
City U Tower 326built2017
City U Tower 226built2016
Edificio Banco de Bogota25built1956(2)
Banco Ganadero26built(1)
Edificio Capital Tower18built2000(1)
Conjunto Bavaria29built1963(1)
Edificio San Martin33built1972(1)
Edificio Fernando Mazuera21built(2)
Torres del Parque 226built1970(1)
Teleport Business Centre14built1997(1)
Edificio UGI21built1974(1)
Edificio Banco de Crédito21built1985(1)
Edificio 100 Street14built(1)
ABN Amro Bank17built(1)
Torre Bicentenario19proposed
Sociedad Colombiana de Arquitectos18built1973(1)
Hotel Tequendama15built1953(1)
Parques de Pontevedra 222built2008
Parques de Pontevedra22built2008
Banco de la Republica Colombia14built(1)
Torres Jimenez de Quesada 521built(1)
Torres Jimenez de Quesada 421built(1)
Torres Jimenez de Quesada 321built(1)
Torres Jimenez de Quesada 221built(1)
Torres Jimenez de Quesada 121built(1)
Bacata Hotel14destroyed(1)
Bulevar Tequendama II25built2007
Bulevar Tequendama I25built2008
Hotel Dann Avenida 1914built(1)
Centro Administrativo Distrital17built(1)
Panteon Memorial Towers15built2007
Parque Residencial Cedritos18built2007
World Trade Center12built1986(1)
Edificio Flota Mercante Grancolombina12built1964(1)
Edificio Ecopetrol12built1960(1)
Torres Vuelta del Cerro15built2007
Camara de Comercio Sede Salitre8built2003(1)
Hotel Andes Plaza12built(1)
Bogota Plaza Hotel10built(1)
La Arboleda del Country int. 413built(1)
La Arboleda del Country int. 313built(1)
La Arboleda del Country int. 213built(1)
La Arboleda del Country int. 113built(1)
Balcones de San Esteban I Torre 413built2002(1)
Balcones de San Esteban I Torre 313built2002(1)
Balcones de San Esteban I Torre 213built2002(1)
Caminos de Ibiza112built2007
Balcones de San Esteban II Torre 313built(1)
Balcones de San Esteban II Torre 213built(1)
Balcones de San Esteban II Torre 113built(1)
Balcones de San Esteban I Torre 113built2002(1)
Edificio Nacional de Seguros12built1958