Berlin is the capital city of Germany, and is one of the sixteen states of Germany. It has a population of 3.5 million people, and is Germany's largest city. It is the second most populous city proper and the eighth most populous urban area in the European Union. Located in northeastern Germany, it is the center of the Berlin-Brandenburg Metropolitan Area, comprising 5 million people from over 190 nations. Geographically embedded in the European Plains, Berlin is influenced by a temperate seasonal climate. Around one third of the city's territory is composed of forests, parks, gardens, rivers and lakes.

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Württembergische Straße 6-1018built1956
Sewanstr. 23318built1975
Sewanstr. 22718built1975(1)
Sella-Hasse-Str. 2318built1981(1)
Scheibenbergstr. 2318built1979(1)
Prenzlauer Berg 1818built(1)
Prenzlauer Berg 1718built1973(1)
Poelchaustr. 3218built1979(1)
Mehrower Allee 5018built1984(1)
Mehrower Allee 3618built1984(1)
Massower Str. 1318built1981(1)
Marzahner Promenade 4918built1984(1)
Marzahner Promenade 4418built1984(1)
Marzahner Promenade 3918built1984(1)
Marzahner Promenade 3218built1984(1)
Ludwig-Renn-Straße 3318built1981(1)
Ludwig-Renn-Straße 3218built1981(1)
Ludwig-Renn-Straße 3118built1981(1)
Landsberger Allee 18018built(1)
Landsberger Allee 13018built(1)
Holzmarktstr. 7518built1971(1)
Holzmarktstr. 7318built1971(1)
Holzmarktstr. 6918built1971(1)
Frankfurter Allee 15418built1973(1)
Frankfurter Allee 15018built1973(1)
Frankfurter Allee 13518built1973(1)
Erich-Kurz-Str. 1318built1976(1)
Einbecker Str. 10118built1981(1)
Dolgenseestr. 4318built1975(1)
Dolgenseestr. 4118built1975(1)
Dolgenseestr. 4018built1975(1)
Bruno-Baum-Str. 2618built1980(1)
Bruno-Baum-Str. 2218built1980(1)
Bärensteinstr. 4418built1981(1)
Bärensteinstr. 4218built1981(1)
Arendsweg 118built(1)
Andreasstr. 2218built1973(1)
Andreasstr. 2018built1973(1)
Altenhofer Str. 4018built(1)
Altenhofer Str. 3018built(1)
Alt Friedrichsfelde 2318built1980(1)
Allee der Kosmonauten 14518built1979(1)
Wohnhausanlage WIR19built
Sonnenallee 275-28119built
Lichtenberger Straße 4019built
Imbuschweg 4019built
Imbuschweg 3919built
Andel.'s Hotel14built2009
Wernerwerk Hochhausbuilt1930(1)
Schering Hochhaus 214built
Mercedes-Benz Vertriebszentrale13built2013
Wilhelmsruher Damm 103-12318built
Sylter Hof18built
Steglitzer Damm 818built
Raoul-Wallenberg-Straße 40/4218built
Poelchaustraße 218built
Märkische Allee 280-28218built
Lützowufer 2718built
Lietzenburger Straße 118built
Lange Jammer18built1974
Krumme Straße 7018built
Ibis Hotel18built2001
Hochhaus Schillingstraße18built1971
Dolgenseestraße 2218built1975
Amanlisweg 10-1218built
Allee der Kosmonauten 20018built
Haus des Lehrers12built1964(2)
Dienstleistungszentrum Ostkreuz14built2000
Wohnhochhaus Lipschitzallee17built
Wilhelmsruher Damm 173-17517built
Volkradstraße 817built1966
Theodor-Loos-Weg 1117built
Spandauer Strasse 217built1973
Sollmannweg 917built
Sollmannweg 617built
Sollmannweg 1617built
Sollmannweg 1117built
Seniorenwohnhaus Singerstrasse 8317built1969
Schluchseestraße 75-7717built
Magistratsweg 1017built1974
Kurfürstenstraße 10617built
Kirschnerweg 417built
Friedrichstraße 417built
Bismarckstraße 21/3117built
Bartningallee 517built1957
Baikalstrasse 2117built1968
Agnes-Straub-Weg 217built1970
Prendener Str. 2816built1989(1)
Lilli Henoch Str. 1716built1986(1)
Lichtenberger Str. 4216built(1)
Falkenberger Str. 9116built1986(1)
Danziger Str. 107/10916built1986(1)
Zentrum am Zoo15built1957
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