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1451 Wellington12proposed
Gloucester Place13built1985
Canada Revenue Agency10built
140 Jeanne Mance10built2014
Island Park Towers I12built(1)
Woodridge Court12built
Westpark Condominium12built1990
Villa Vista Apartments12built
The Juliana12built1962(1)
The Galleria12built2009
The Faircrest12built
The Crystelle12built2004
Sophia Residences12built1985
Somerset Apartments West12built
Somerset Apartments East12built
Skyline Apartments12built(1)
Russell Hill Apartments12built
Royalton Place12built
Roxborough Apartments12built
Ridgeview Apartments12built
Rideau Park Towers12built
Regency Towers12built
Queensview Apartments III12built
Queensview Apartments II12built
Olmypia Apartments12built
Ogilvie Towers12built
Montclair Apartments12built
Merivale Manor12built
McEwen Towers Apartments12built1975
Lord Lansdowne Residence12built
Lincoln Park Towers12built
Kingsview Apartments12built
Kenson Towers12built
Inn on Somerset12built
Huron Towers12built
Green Valley Terrace12built1978
Gatineau View Apartments12built
Fairview Apartments12built(1)
Extended Stay Deluxe Ottawa12built1965
Essex Apartments12built
Denbury Apartments12built
Chesterton Towers12built1971(1)
Century Manor III12built
Century Manor II12built
Century Manor I12built
Castle Towers West12built
Castle Towers East12built
Cartier Square Apartments12built
Capital Hill Hotel12built1955
Bytown Place12built1973
Avalon Park III12built
Avalon Park II12built
Avalon Park I12built
Ambleside III12built1977
Algonquin Hotel Apartments12built1960
Albert At Bay Hotel12built1986(1)
800 St. Laurent12built1974
40 Arthur12built1977
Skyline Campus10built
Lester B. Pearson Building10built1973
Court Administrative Service Building10built1981
Colonel By Hall10built1970
The Everett11built2005
Wentworth Plaza South11built1965
Wentworth Plaza North11built1965
The Renaissance11built
The Governor Metcalfe11built
Stonecliffe Apartments11built
Senator Apartments11built
Le Quai Dorsay11built
Horizon House11built
Hawthorn Ridge South11built
Hawthorn Ridge North11built
Emmerson Place11built
Colonel By Towers11built
Chateau Cartier11built1975
Carling Park Apartments11built
Brittany Apartments West11built
Brittany Apartments East11built
Beach Carlton Apartments11built
373 Laurier East11built1973
333 Chapel11built1975
Kanata Lakes Apartments II10built2014
Kanata Lakes Apartments I10built
55 Hilda10built
The Rockcliffe10built
Saratoga Apartments10built
Laurier Apartments10built
Inverlea Apartments10built
Cartier Place Suite Hotel10built
Bostonian Executive Suites10built
305 Nelson10built
218 MacLaren10built
199 Holland10built
2660 Norberry10built
Carriere Development27cancelled
The Wellboron24vision
Wentworth Arms11built
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