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Shanghai is China's most populous city and its most important center for commerce and art.

Located at the mouth of the Yangtze River, Shanghai was a relatively unimportant city until the mid of the 19th century when it was opened to foreign trade.

Since the early 1990s Shanghai has experienced an unprecedented building boom that completely transformed the city. Although there are no official numbers it is generally assumed that Shanghai has more highrise buildings than any other city in the world. It's ever-growing subway system also became the world's longest in early 2010.

In recent years the city has also made a name for itself by hosting a lot of huge events, most noteably the EXPO 2010.

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Listing 901 to 1000 of 1295 buildings
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Sudi Chunxiao Mingyuan 530built2007
Sudi Chunxiao Mingyuan 430built2007
Sudi Chunxiao Mingyuan 330built2007
Sudi Chunxiao Mingyuan 230built2007
Sudi Chunxiao Mingyuan 130built2007
Rei Hong Garden 230built
Rei Hong Garden 130built
Never-Never Land 230built1995
Never-Never Land 130built1995
Ming Zhu Garden30built
Gateway Plaza 730built1997
Gateway Plaza 630built1997
Gateway Plaza 530built1997
Gateway Plaza 430built1997
Gateway Plaza 330built1997
Gateway Plaza 230built1997
Gateway Plaza 130built1997
City Apartments Shanghai30built
Yufu Cheng Apartment 629built
Yufu Cheng Apartment 529built
Yufu Cheng Apartment 429built
Yufu Cheng Apartment 329built
Yufu Cheng Apartment 229built
Yufu Cheng Apartment 129built
Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel29built
Kingsville 229built1998
Kingsville 129built1998
Jinse Homeland 329built
Jinse Homeland 229built
Jinse Homeland 129built
Yun He Garden 228built
Yun He Garden 128built
Yazhou Apartment28built
Yanlord Riverside Garden 928built
Yanlord Riverside Garden 828built
Yanlord Riverside Garden 728built
Yanlord Riverside Garden 628built
Yanlord Riverside Garden 528built
Yanlord Riverside Garden 428built
Yanlord Riverside Garden 328built
Yanlord Riverside Garden 228built
Yanlord Riverside Garden 1428built
Yanlord Riverside Garden 1328built
Yanlord Riverside Garden 1228built
Yanlord Riverside Garden 1128built
Yanlord Riverside Garden 1028built
Yanlord Riverside Garden 128built
Sun Wonderland 428built
Sun Wonderland 328built
Oasis Garden 928built
Oasis Garden 828built
Oasis Garden 728built
Oasis Garden 628built
Oasis Garden 528built
Oasis Garden 428built
Oasis Garden 328built
Oasis Garden 228built
Oasis Garden 1728built
Oasis Garden 1628built
Oasis Garden 1528built
Oasis Garden 1428built
Oasis Garden 1328built
Oasis Garden 1228built
Oasis Garden 1128built
Oasis Garden 1028built
Oasis Garden 128built
Hua Ting Guest House Shanghai28built1986
Heng Da Apartment28built
Haifu Garden 627built
Haifu Garden 527built
Haifu Garden 427built
Haifu Garden 327built
Haifu Garden 227built
Haifu Garden 127built
Courtyard Shanghai-Pudong27built
Tongke Apartment26built
Lanfan Plaza26built
Jiahui Square 326built
Jiahui Square 226built
Jiahui Square 126built
Donghe Flower Garden 525built
Donghe Flower Garden 425built
Donghe Flower Garden 325built
Donghe Flower Garden 225built
Donghe Flower Garden 125built
Dingtian Ruili Service Apartment & Hotel25built
ZhongHuaMen Mansion24built1999
RongXin Building24built1999
Chamtime International Financial Center23built
HuiJin Building22built1998
Harbour Ring Huangpu Center22built1996
DongChen Mansion22built2004
Aetna Tower22built1998
Zhangjiang Business Mansion21built1995
JinTianDi International Mansion21built
Golden Eagle Mansion 221built2004
Golden Eagle Mansion 121built2004
XinGaiNian Mansion20built
Shanghai CITS Building20built1997
New Caohejing Mansion20built1995
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