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Shanghai is China's most populous city and its most important center for commerce and art.

Located at the mouth of the Yangtze River, Shanghai was a relatively unimportant city until the mid of the 19th century when it was opened to foreign trade.

Since the early 1990s Shanghai has experienced an unprecedented building boom that completely transformed the city. Although there are no official numbers it is generally assumed that Shanghai has more highrise buildings than any other city in the world. It's ever-growing subway system also became the world's longest in early 2010.

In recent years the city has also made a name for itself by hosting a lot of huge events, most noteably the EXPO 2010.

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Listing 701 to 800 of 1295 buildings
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COSCO Two Bay City 1430built
COSCO Two Bay City 1330built
COSCO Two Bay City 1230built
COSCO Two Bay City 1130built
COSCO Two Bay City 1030built
COSCO Two Bay City 130built
Central Hotel30built2000
Yun Hai Garden 229built
Yun Hai Garden 129built
Supreme Tower29built
Zhongyou Building 228built
Zhongyou Building 128built
Zhi Jun Building28built
Yin Qiao Building28built
Swissotel Grand Shanghai28built
Sunshine World28built1998
ShenMao Building28built2004
Shangdong Qilu Industry Mansion28built1996
Rongcheng Mansion West Tower28built
Rongcheng Mansion East Tower28built
Qianjiang Mansion Offices28built1997
Majesty Building28built1996
Lujiazui International City 728built2008
Lujiazui International City 628built2008
LaDoll International City 928built2004
LaDoll International City 828built2004
LaDoll International City 728built2004
LaDoll International City 628built2004
LaDoll International City 528built2004
LaDoll International City 428built2004
LaDoll International City 328built2004
LaDoll International City 228built2004
LaDoll International City 128built2004
Jinming Mansion28built
JingWu Building28built2000
Hotel Indigo Shanghai28built2010
Hero Mansion28built
YiTianXia Building27built
HuaZhou Mansion 227built
HuaZhou Mansion 127built
Fountain Garden 427built
Fountain Garden 327built
Fountain Garden 227built
Fountain Garden 127built
Danshuiwan Garden 627built
Danshuiwan Garden 527built
Danshuiwan Garden 427built
Danshuiwan Garden 327built
Danshuiwan Garden 227built
Danshuiwan Garden 127built
China Hi-Tech Tower27built1998
Belgravia Serviced Residence27built
Zhabei Policy and Law Building26built
ShiMei Building26built1996
Real Estate Mansion26built2002
Oriental International Tower26built1997
JianYin Plaza 226built1997
JianYin Plaza 126built1997
China Financial Corporation Shanghai Headq...26built2013(1)
Aihao International26built
Zhongfu Tower25built2002
Zendai Wudaokou Square25built
Tong Sheng Mansion25built
Standard Charter Bank Building25built2008
Singular Mansion25built1997
Ramada Plaza Gateway25built
No. 1 Department Store Group Building25built1997
Marine Tower25built1996
Jianjing Building25built2000
Hualian Mansion 125built1997
First Trade Tower25built1996
Dongjing Guoji Office25built
Corporate Avenue 125built2004
China Insurance Building25built
Baofeng South Tower25built
Baofeng North Tower25built
YiTaiLi Mansion24built1997
The New Chinese Building24built2003
Ning Dong Building24built
Jin Hang Mansion24built
HuaLun Building24built1998
Henderson Land Tower24built2012
HaoRan Hi-Tech Building24built1996
Corporate Avenue 224built2004
The SilvaBay Tower23built2004
Shanghai Far East International Building23built1999
Pudong Shuiwu Building23built
Greenland Building23built2005
Winner's Building22built
Shanghai Pudong Renmin Court22built
Kirin Plaza22built2005
FeiDiao Building 222built
FeiDiao Building 122built
Cimic Tower22built
Jing'An New Century Mansion20built2000
Suncome-Cimic Tower18built
Siemens Shanghai Centerbuilt
Jinli Mansionbuilt1999
International Science & Technology Palacebuilt1997
Concord World Phase 2 Tower 4proposed
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