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Shanghai is China's most populous city and its most important center for commerce and art.

Located at the mouth of the Yangtze River, Shanghai was a relatively unimportant city until the mid of the 19th century when it was opened to foreign trade.

Since the early 1990s Shanghai has experienced an unprecedented building boom that completely transformed the city. Although there are no official numbers it is generally assumed that Shanghai has more highrise buildings than any other city in the world. It's ever-growing subway system also became the world's longest in early 2010.

In recent years the city has also made a name for itself by hosting a lot of huge events, most noteably the EXPO 2010.

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Listing 1201 to 1269 of 1269 buildings
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Union Development Building14built2002
Fahuamen Mansion14built
Pacheer Commercial Centre13built1998
Novel Building12built
YinQi Mansion14built2005
East Hope Plaza14built
Howard Johnson Huaihai Hotel16built
Expo Donghu Apartment 915built2010
Expo Donghu Apartment 715built2010
Expo Donghu Apartment 615built2010
Expo Donghu Apartment 315built2010
Expo Donghu Apartment 215built2010
Expo Donghu Apartment 1215built2010
Walton Plaza14built
West Building12built2004
Datong Square12built
ZiAn Building14built2000
Holiday Inn Hotel Building 216built
Dahua Qingshuiwan Garden 915built
Dahua Qingshuiwan Garden 815built
Dahua Qingshuiwan Garden 715built
Dahua Qingshuiwan Garden 615built
Dahua Qingshuiwan Garden 515built
Dahua Qingshuiwan Garden 415built
Dahua Qingshuiwan Garden 315built
Dahua Qingshuiwan Garden 215built
Dahua Qingshuiwan Garden 1315built
Dahua Qingshuiwan Garden 1215built
Dahua Qingshuiwan Garden 1115built
Dahua Qingshuiwan Garden 1015built
Dahua Qingshuiwan Garden 115built
The Lakeville Regency 6-713built2005
The Lakeville Regency 19-2113built2005
The Lakeville Regency 15-1713built2005
The Lakeville Regency 1-213built2005
KunLun Mansion12built
Jin Niu Building12built1997
Hongjin Technology Park12built2004
Hua Yuan Building12built2001
The Lakeville 212built
The Palace Hotel7built1908
Yongye Apartment 912built
Yongye Apartment 812built
Yongye Apartment 712built
Yongye Apartment 412built
Yongye Apartment 1412built
Yongye Apartment 1312built
Yongye Apartment 1012built
Oriental Art Centerbuilt2004
Golden City Garden 233built1997
Golden City Garden 133built1997
China Petroleum Building33built1997
Chevalier Place33built2000
Shanghai Marriott Hotel Changfeng Park32built
Jingwu Building30built
Songjiang Hotel21under construction
Oriental Plaza18built
Lujiazui Zhongyang Aprtament 318built
Shanghai Exhibition Center17built1959
Seagull Hotel14built
Millenium Hongqiao Hotel14built
Si Hang Warehouse6built1931(1)
Songjiang New Century Grand Hotel Shanghaibuilt
Sheraton Shanghai Jiading Hotelunder construction
Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou Hotelbuilt2011
Longemont Yes Towerbuilt
Jinqiao Biyun Officeproposed
Jinqiao Biyun Hotelproposed
CITIC Pacific Towerbuilt
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