Shanghai is China's most populous city and its most important center for commerce and art.

Located at the mouth of the Yangtze River, Shanghai was a relatively unimportant city until the mid of the 19th century when it was opened to foreign trade.

Since the early 1990s Shanghai has experienced an unprecedented building boom that completely transformed the city. Although there are no official numbers it is generally assumed that Shanghai has more highrise buildings than any other city in the world. It's ever-growing subway system also became the world's longest in early 2010.

In recent years the city has also made a name for itself by hosting a lot of huge events, most noteably the EXPO 2010.

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Shanghai Tower121built2015(6)
Shanghai World Financial Center101built2008(21)
Jin Mao Tower93built1999(12)
Shimao International Plaza60built2005(6)
Sinar Mas Center67built2016(4)
Plaza 66 Tower One66built2001(7)
Tomorrow Square58built2003(4)
Wheelock Square59built2009(5)
One Lujiazui47built2008(2)
Bocom Financial Towers52built2002(3)
Grand Gateway Shanghai 252built2005(3)
Grand Gateway Shanghai 152built2005(3)
Shanghai IFC North Tower64built2011(3)
Jing'an Kerry Center Phase 2 North Tower58built2012(2)
CITIC Ruibo Tower 155built2017(2)
HKRI Taikoo Hui Tower 249built2016(1)
Bank of Shanghai Headquarters43built2005(2)
Shanghai IFC South Tower58built2009(3)
Maxdo Centre55built2002(3)
Yuexing Universal Mall Towers45built2014(1)
Shanghai Summit Shopping City58built2006(1)
CITIC Ruibo Tower 252built2017(2)
Huamin Imperial Tower58built2010(1)
International Ocean Shipping Building50built2000(3)
CITIC Plaza55built2009(1)
Bank of China Tower57built1999(4)
Pullman Shanghai Skyway Hotel52built2006(2)
Plaza 66 Tower Two45built2006(3)
Raffles City Shanghai51built2003(2)
BM Plaza50built2009(1)
Zhongrong Jasper Tower48built2008(3)
CITIC Pacific Group Headquarters Tower 249built2010(1)
CITIC Pacific Group Headquarters Tower 149built2010(1)
The Longemont53built2005(2)
Donghai Plaza52built2007(2)
Taiping Financial Center38built2011(2)
Fudu Mansion Tower39built2009
King Tower38built1996(3)
Pudong International Information Port40built2001(1)
No. 1 Shanghai34built2016
21st Century Mansion50built2009(3)
China Merchants Bank Mansion37built2011(2)
Radisson Hotel Shanghai New World47built2005(4)
Double Tree by Hilton, Shanghai - Pudong47built2002(2)
Merry Land Tower41built2009(1)
Nan Zheng Building49built1998(1)
Shanghai Sen Mao International Building46built1998(3)
Golden Bell Plaza46built1997(3)
World Finance Tower43built1997(1)
Oriental Financial Center31built2014(1)
Lippo Plaza38built1998(1)
World Plaza Shanghai38built1998(3)
Bund Center45built2002(2)
Jing'an Kerry Center Phase 2 South Tower43built2012(1)
BEA Financial Tower42built2009
Wenxin United Press Building43built1999(1)
HuaiHai Plaza45built2006(1)
Lan Sheng Building39built1997
The Center38built2004(1)
China Insurance Building38built1999(3)
CITIC Square45built2000(2)
Shimao Riviera Garden 655built2003(1)
Shimao Riviera Garden 255built2009(1)
CMBC Tower39built2008(2)
Xinyuan Square B42built2005(1)
Xinyuan Square A42built2003(1)
Pujiang International Finance Plaza42built2014
Park Place43built2008(2)
Shanghai Huaneng Union Mansion38built1997(1)
CAAC Pudong Tower38built2001(1)
Bao'an Tower38built1997(1)
Shanghai Futures Building37built1998(1)
Shimao Riviera Garden 453built2002(1)
China Merchants Tower38built1995(2)
Pudong Development Mansion36built2001
Ciro's Plaza39built2002(1)
Citigroup Tower42built2005(2)
Pudong Shangri La Hotel Extension43built2005(2)
Shanghai Property Information Exchange Center35built2000
Shanghai Bund International Financial Cent...40built2016
Bund Finance Centre North Tower40built2016
Shinmay Union Square II38built2005(1)
Shinmay Union Square I38built2005(1)
Aurora Plaza37built2004(3)
Mirae Asset Tower31built2008(3)
K.Wah Centre39built2005(2)
Harbour Ring Plaza36built1998(1)
Expo Hotel Tower40built2010(1)
Construction Mansion45built1997
Liuchonghing Financial Center41built2006(1)
Shimao Riviera Garden 153built2002(1)
Four Seasons Hotel37built2002(1)
White Magnolia Plaza 239built2015
BM Tower40built2005(1)
Shanghai Grand Center41built2011(1)
Shimao Riviera Garden 552built2002(1)
Shimao Riviera Garden 352built2002(1)
Shanghai Central Square38built1998(1)
Azia Center32built2005(2)
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