Formerly known as Peking, formerly 1928-1949 Peiping.

Today, Beijing is the political and cultural center of the People's Republic of China as well as a center of international activity and an important socialist base. Great changes have taken place since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949. The city walls were demolished to facilitate transportation and allow for general expansion. By 2001, the population exceeded 12.5 million, and the total municipal area was increased to over 17,800 square kilometers.

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City Center Tower140cancelled(1)
China Zun Tower108under construction(3)
Yizhuang Mansion120cancelled(1)
Twin Towers 2cancelled(1)
Twin Towers 1cancelled(1)
Z6 Tower76stale proposal
Z10 Plotproposed
Fan Hai International Center Tower 380stale proposal
China World Trade Center Tower 368built2010(8)
Tongzhou Towerproposed
Tongzhou Gate - Rainbow Towersproposed
Z8 Plot Tower68stale proposal
China World Trade Centre Phase 3B58built2017(3)
Smart Grid Research Center [1]66under construction(1)
Fortune Financial Center61built2014(4)
Beijing Greenland Center Landmark Tower60built2016(1)
Samsung China Headquarters57under construction(2)
Smart Grid Research Center [2]55under construction(1)
Fan Hai International Center Tower 252stale proposal
Fan Hai International Center Tower 152stale proposal
Beijing Yintai Center - Tower 263built2007(3)
Sunshine Insurance Headquarters48under construction(1)
Beijing TV Centre41built2007(1)
Z14 Plot Development 248under construction(1)
Z14 Plot Development 148under construction(1)
CCTV Headquarters51built2009(5)
Tsinghua University Campus - Z1 Lot50under construction(1)
Z12 Plot45under construction
Jing Guang Center53built1990(4)
Sheraton Beijing Lize Hotel46under construction
Wangjing SOHO Tower 345built2014(1)
Beijing Capital Center F0342under construction
Noble Center41built2015(1)
Pangu Plaza39built2008(1)
Guancheng Center50cancelled(1)
Silvertie Center Tower 142built2007(3)
China Life Insurance Buildingunder construction
The Park Hyatt Hotel at Silvertie Center42built2007(2)
Capital Mansion52built1989(1)
Fortune Plaza Apartments 2cancelled(1)
8 Chang'An Avenue43under construction
People's Daily New Headquarters33built2014(2)
China Central Place Tower 136built2006(2)
Beijing Nexus Center37built2009(1)
Poly International Plaza Tower 131built2016
Mandarin Oriental Hotel33built2009(1)
Fortune Plaza Office Building 246built2005(1)
China World Trade Center Tower 239built1999(2)
China World Trade Center Tower 139built1989(2)
Beijing Goldfield Plaza - Tower A35built2008(1)
China Central Place Tower 232built2006(2)
Zhongguancun Financial Center37built2006(1)
Central International Trade Center - Tower A36built2005
Wanda Hotel Tower 238built2008
Beijing Silver Tower32built1997(1)
LG Beijing Tower 230built2005(2)
LG Beijing Tower 130built2005(2)
Central International Trade Center - Tower B34built2005
Crown Tower A38built2003
Central International Trade Center - Tower C33built2005
Sunshine 100 Tower F35built2002
Sunshine 100 Tower E35built2002
Sunshine 100 Tower D35built2002
Sunshine 100 Tower C35built2001
Sunshine 100 Tower B35built2002
Sunshine 100 Tower A35built2001
Huamao Center Tower 328built2006(2)
Eagle Run Plaza36built2000
Beijing World Financial Center32built1998
Anzhen Building30built1999
China Merchants Group Tower35built1998
Chengming Building34built
Beijing Xinyuan Hotel30built
Wangjing SOHO Tower 226built2014(1)
HNA Tower32built2007
Cyber Tower A28built2001(1)
Kerry Centre South Tower31built1998(1)
Kerry Centre North Tower31built1998(1)
Fortune Plaza Apartments 1built2005(1)
Beijing Tengda Building33built2000(1)
Grand Millennium Beijing27built2009(1)
SOHO Tower A42built2001
Global Trade Mansion31built2002
Chaoyang Park Plaza 129under construction
Wangjing SOHO Tower 125built2014(1)
Xinhua News Agency Building28built1989
King Wing Hot Spring Hotel23built1998
Full Link Plaza30built1997
Global Trade Center 3 & 428built2005
Global Trade Center 1 & 228built2005
National Power Network Control Center28built1999
East Gate Plaza Tower B31built1998
East Gate Plaza Tower A31built1998
China Central Television27built1986(1)
West Wing of Sichuan Mansion30built1994
East Wing of Sichuan Mansion30built1994
Phoenix City 534built2006
Phoenix City 434built2006
Phoenix City 334built2006
Phoenix City 234built2002
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