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Formerly known as Peking, formerly 1928-1949 Peiping.

Today, Beijing is the political and cultural center of the People's Republic of China as well as a center of international activity and an important socialist base. Great changes have taken place since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949. The city walls were demolished to facilitate transportation and allow for general expansion. By 2001, the population exceeded 12.5 million, and the total municipal area was increased to over 17,800 square kilometers.

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Sunrise Kempinski Hotel20built2014(1)
New Town Tower F29built2001(1)
New Town Tower E29built2001(1)
New Town Tower D29built2001(1)
New Town Tower C29built2001(1)
New Town Tower B29built2001(1)
New Town Tower A29built2001(1)
Hilton Beijing Hotel25built1990
Catic Plaza Hotel25built1997
Crown Tower B24built2004
Winterless Centre - Tower A22built2005
Wan Tong New World Plaza22built1996
Xin Sheng Mansion21built2005
Yin Gu Mansion22built2004
Oriental Kenzo27built2003
Celebrity Grand Hotel22built2000
Jinyaguang Plaza West Tower20built2008
Jinyaguang Plaza East Tower20built2008
BUMPS in Beijing 426built2009(1)
BUMPS in Beijing 326built2009(1)
BUMPS in Beijing 226built2009(1)
BUMPS in Beijing [Tower 1]26built2009(1)
Huaxia Bank22built2003
Kerry Centre Hotel25built1999
Scitech Tower23built1987
Metro World Centre I22built2005
Focus Place21built2002
Scite Towerbuilt
North China Electric Power Generation Disp...25built1999
Xingchuang Tower18built2013
Poly International Plaza Tower 216built2016
Great Wall Sheraton22built1984(1)
Shangri-La Hotel24built1986
CWTC Century Towers West21built1999
CWTC Century Towers East21built1999
Winterless Centre - Tower B22built2005
CYTS Tower20built2006
China Telecom Building19built
Beijing Hotel East Wing20built1974(1)
Yanjing Hotel20built
Parkview Tower 320built1996
Western Pacific Hotel22built2001
China World Hotel22built1989
Ping'an Mansion18built
Fortune Time I18built2006
Yulong Hotel17built
Grand Hyatt Beijing19built2001
Roman Garden 219built1995
Jia Hui International Centre18built2005
City Hotel23built1989
Kingda Garden Apartments 418built
Kingda Garden Apartments 318built
Kingda Garden Apartments 218built2003
Kingda Garden Apartments 118built2003
Asian Games Garden 318built
Asian Games Garden 218built
Asian Games Garden 118built
Corporate Square17built1998
Building 7built2007
Building 4built2007
National Library Of China18built
The Ritz-Carlton Beijing Financial Street18built2006(1)
Ocean Plaza17built1999
Di Yang Tower17built
Poly International Plaza Tower 312built2016
Cultural Palace of Nationalities13built1959(1)
Scitech Hotel17built
New Century Office Tower17built
Ministry of Foreign Affairs17built
Zhaolong Hotel20built1985
Bank of China Head Office15built2000(1)
Yingtai Center Tower 215built2006
Yingtai Center Tower 115built2006
Yingtai Center Tower 3built2006
Dongzhimen 16# Resident Tower20destroyed
Capital Development Tower15built2005
CAAC Office Building15built1964
Tong Tai Mansion16built1999
Nanxincang Business World15built2005
International Finance Mansionbuilt
Yuexiu Hotel15built
Suyuan Jinjiang Hotel15built
Radisson SAS15built2000
Landmark Apartments15built1990
Jade Palace Hotel15built
No. 10 Apartments For Foreigners18built1973
Capital Hotel Beijing18built1988
Kempinski Hotel16built1992
Xindadu Hotel14built
Palace Hotel14built1987
International Friendship Garden 114built1997
Cofco Plaza14built1996
Beijing Lufthansa Center14built1992
No. 10 Apartments Dongda Bridge15built1979
Taiwan Hotel13destroyed
St. Regis13built1997
Rainbow Hotel13built
Jinlang Hotel13built
Landmark Hotel15built1990
National Minority Hotel12built1959(1)
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