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Formerly known as Peking, formerly 1928-1949 Peiping.

Today, Beijing is the political and cultural center of the People's Republic of China as well as a center of international activity and an important socialist base. Great changes have taken place since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949. The city walls were demolished to facilitate transportation and allow for general expansion. By 2001, the population exceeded 12.5 million, and the total municipal area was increased to over 17,800 square kilometers.

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Phoenix City 134built2002
Zhong Shan Towers 233built2002
Zhong Shan Towers 133built2002
Jingxin Building32built1990
Embassy House32built2002(1)
ANA New Century Hotel32built1992
Tsinghua Science Park25built2005
Oriental Media Center Building C33built2008
Tsinghua Tongfang Hi-Tech Plaza, Tower B28built2002
Tsinghua Tongfang Hi-Tech Plaza, Tower A28built2002
Sinochem Tower26built1995
Zhaolin Plaza Block B25built2012(1)
Zhaolin Plaza Block A25built2012(1)
Boya Garden 132built2002
Chaoyang Park Plaza 229under construction
Boya Garden 228built2002
Jinma Building Tower A23built2003
China World Apartments South Lodge34built1989(1)
China World Apartments North Lodge34built1989(1)
Everbright Building27built1995
Zhongyu Building31built
Yuetan Building26built1997
New Poly Plaza23built2007(1)
Kerry Centre Apartments 232built1999
Kerry Centre Apartments 132built1999
Profit Tower30built1997
InterContinental Hotel at Financial Street25built
Beijing International Hotel31built1987
Dongzhimen Gate27built2008
Wanda Office Tower 238built2007(1)
Wanda Office Tower 138built2007(1)
Wanda Hotel Tower 138built2008(1)
Sanquan 327built1998
Sanquan 227built1998
Sanquan 127built1998
Chaoyang Garden 227built
Beijing TV Station26built1991
Gateway Plaza II28built2005(1)
Gateway Plaza I28built2005(1)
Landmark Towers27built1990
IBM Tower25built1999
Air China Plaza Offices29built2002
Kunlun Hotel28built1986
Beijing Urban & Rural Trade Center28built1990
Jing Mian Xin Cheng Tower24built2013
Beichen Green Homestead30built2007
CITIC Building29built1985(1)
Investment Square22built1997
Sunflower Tower26built1999
Shangdu International Centre33built2004
Concordia Plaza 233built2001
Concordia Plaza 133built2001
Golden Lake Garden Tower 332built1999
Golden Lake Garden Tower 232built1999
Golden Lake Garden Tower 132built1999
Van Palace30built2003
SOHO Tower D29built2001
The Westin Beijing Financial Street28built2006
Lianhua Building 128built2000
China Travel Service Tower Hotel28built
Lianhua Building 226built2000
China Resources Building26built1999
Chaowai MEN - Tower II26built2005
Chaowai MEN - Tower I26built2005
Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng Hotel Tower B25built2011
Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng Hotel Tower A25built2011
Otani Chang Fu Gong24built1988
CBD International Mansion24built2006(1)
RIP Buildingbuilt
Beijing Marriott Hotel Northeastbuilt2007
Vantone Centre West Tower23built2006
Vantone Centre East Tower23built2006
China Life Insurance Center24built2005(1)
Bank of Beijing Mansion24built2005(1)
Full Tower29built2005
Xihuan Plaza - West Tower25built2005(1)
Xihuan Plaza - East Tower25built2005(1)
Xihuan Plaza - Center Tower25built2005(1)
Beijing Goldfield Plaza - Tower B27built2008(1)
Huateng Tower27built
Van Palace30built2003
Beijing Henderson Centre26built1999
Parkview Green FangCaoDi18built2010(1)
Gaolan Building18built
Construction Bank of China Headquarters22built1999(1)
Kuntai International Centre27built2005
Xiyuan Hotel27built1984(1)
Beijing Jianhong Building 326built2000
Beijing Jianhong Building 226built2000
Beijing Jianhong Building 126built2000
Pacific Century Palace Apartments 224built1999
Millennium Tower24built2001
Oriental Media Center Building A29built2007
Jianhong Tower26built
The Twenty-First Century Hotel23built1990
Gold Island Garden 323built2002
Gold Island Garden 223built2002
Gold Island Garden 123built2002
CCECC Plaza23built
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