Basel is Switzerland's third most populous city (165,529 inhabitants (2006); 731,000 inhabitants in the metropolitan area stretching across the immediate cantonal and national boundaries made Basel Switzerland's second-largest urban area.

Located in north-west Switzerland on the river Rhine, Basel functions as a major industrial centre for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The city borders both Germany and France. The Basel region, culturally extending into German Baden and French Alsace, reflects the heritage of its three states in the modern Latin name: "Regio TriRhena". It has the oldest university of the Swiss Confederation (1460).

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Roche-Turm - Bau 250under construction(2)
Roche Tower - Building 141built2015(2)
Roche Turm - Bau 3proposed(1)
Basler Messeturm31built2003(3)
Baloise-Hochhaus24under construction(2)
Meret-Oppenheim Hochhaus23proposed(2)
Grosspeter Tower22built2017(3)
Hoffmann & La Roche AG Building 5219built1961(1)
Bank for International Settlements19built1977(1)
Novartis Building 21018built(1)
Life Sciences Tower17built(1)
Novartis Building 50316built(1)
Lonza AG20built1962(1)
Novartis Building K-2517built1966(1)
Novartis Building S-36017built(1)
Novartis S-38616built(1)
Novartis Pharma Building WSJ-18814built2014(1)
Sperrstraße 4019built1968(1)
Hechtliacker 4419built1963(1)
Redingstrasse 20/2218built1969(1)
Redingstrasse 10/1218built1969(1)
Lehenmattstraße 308/31018built1969
Lehenmattstraße 280/28218built1969(1)
COOP Hochhaus14built1979(1)
Schorenweg 30/3217built1962(1)
Schorenweg 20/2217built1962(1)
Projekt "Kubuk"12under construction(1)
Karl Jaspers-Allee 4017built1971
Hochhaus Markthalle14built2012(1)
Stoll Turm13proposed
Airport Hotel Basel12built2008(1)
Rheinacherstrasse 202-20415built1969
Lehenmattstrasse 23615built1959
Helvetia Versicherungen12built1961(1)
Prattelerstrasse 1114built1957
Entenweid III13built1951(1)
Entenweid II13built1951(1)
Entenweid I13built1951(1)
Basel Waste Incarnation Plant Chimneysbuilt(1)