Bangkok (Krung Thep), which means "City of Angels" is the capital and largest city of Thailand, and a major metropolis in Southeast Asia. Founded in 1782 as a palacial town, the city has grown to become to economic powerhouse of Thailand.

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Metropolis International104cancelled(2)
Chidlom Condominium55cancelled(1)
Metro Sathorn Tower53cancelled(1)
UBC III Tower48cancelled
Wave Sathorn Financial Tower46cancelled(1)
Thainox Tower41cancelled
SV Gardens Tower 147cancelled
SV Gardens Tower 346cancelled
SV Gardens Tower 246cancelled
The Ritz Carlton Hotel and Residence45cancelled(1)
Ocean Insurance Tower I39cancelled
SV Gardens Tower 545cancelled
SV Gardens Tower 445cancelled
Ocean Insurance Tower II38cancelled
Unilever Towers - Tower B37cancelled
Unilever Towers - Tower A37cancelled
Wave Tower28cancelled(1)
Silk Condominium Sathorn58cancelled
The Oceanos I43cancelled
The Oceanos II42cancelled
SV Gardens Tower 643cancelled
SV Gardens Tower 737cancelled
Abstracts Building III35cancelled