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Iraq Gate Office Tower45proposed
Iraq Gate Hotel Tower45proposed
Central Bank of Iraq Headquarters37proposed
Iraqi Media Network Headquarters19proposed
Rayhaan Rotana32built2017
Palestine Hotel20built1982(1)
Al-Qitharh Twin Towers19proposed
General Secretariat for the Council of Min...14proposed
Housing Complex For Parliament Council17proposed
Surgical Specialties Hospital20built1984(1)
Al Mansour Hotel18built(1)
Al Rasheed Hotel18built1982(1)
Iraqi Planning Ministry15built(1)
Al Khulafa Center12built1985(1)
Ministry of Construction Headquarters10built2011
Ministry of Finance12built
Shams Rotana Hotel11on hold
Martyrs' Mosquebuilt1966
CBI Headquartersproposed
Al Shaheed Monument and Museumbuilt1983(1)