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Antwerp is a Flemish city in Belgium, the capital of Antwerp province in the community of Flanders. With a population of 517.042, it is the most populous city proper in Belgium. Its metropolitan area houses around 1,200,000 people, which is second behind Brussels.

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Listing 1 to 87 of 87 buildings
KBC Tower26built1932(2)
Antwerp Tower25built1974(1)
Chicago Building27built(1)
Park Tower22built2014(1)
London Tower24built2010(1)
Theater Building21built1969(1)
Provinciehuis Antwerpen18destroyed(1)
Riverside Tower25built1972(1)
Silvertop Tower 122built1978(1)
Panorama Tower22built1971(1)
Silvertop Tower 221built1978(2)
Habitim Tower22built1972(1)
Silvertop Tower 321built1978(1)
Residentie Bosuil22built1975(1)
Kievitplein Building B20built2006(1)
Museum aan de Stroombuilt2011(1)
Kruishof 218built1963(1)
Kruishof 117built1962
Axa Royale Belge Tower12built1963(1)
Canadatoren 618built1962(1)
Canadatoren 518built1962(1)
Canadatoren 418built1962(1)
Canadatoren 318built1962(1)
Canadatoren 218built1962(1)
Canadatoren 118built1962(1)
Westkaai Toren 416built2015
Crowne Plaza Hotel17built(1)
Westkaai Toren 316built2014
Kielpark Toren 317built1956(1)
Kielpark Toren 217built1956(1)
Kielpark Toren 117built1956(1)
Rivierenhof II19built1973(1)
Rivierenhof I19built1976(1)
Te Couwelaarlei 10318built1965(1)
Vivium Tower14built2004(1)
Woonblok Alfred Nobellaan 4017built(1)
Woonblok Alfred Nobellaan 2217built(1)
Woonblok Alfred Nobellaan 2017built(1)
Moretusstraat 15216built(1)
Residentie Plantin en Moretuslei15built1975
Residentie Bosuil IV15built
Residentie Bosuil III15built1970
Residentie Amberes15built1963
Century Center15built
Residentie Hertogenpark17built1982(1)
Paul Henri Spaaklaan 317built(1)
Paul Henri Spaaklaan 117built(1)
Moretusstraat 15817built(1)
Moretusstraat 15417built(1)
Blok 517built
Residentie Brabo 116built(1)
Moretusstraat 15016built(1)
Electrabel Building13built(1)
Residentie Leiebos 29-3117built1975(1)
Residentie Leiebos 21-2317built1975(1)
PIDPA Building12built1963(1)
De Roest d' Alkemadelaan 5-717built
Ring Center Toren14built(1)
Residentie Hof ter Lo II14built1978
Residentie Hof ter Lo I14built1978
Port House10built2016(1)
Potvlietlaan 1016built1965(1)
Potvlietlaan 116built1976(1)
Frans De Vriendtstraat 3416built
Residentie Bosuil II15built(1)
Train Platform Vaultbuilt1898
Middelheim Ziekenhuis12built1968(1)
Golden Tulip Antwerp Centre Hotel13built(1)
President Building12built(1)
Residentie Hansa14built1971
Fruithoflaan 95-9713built1974
De Roest d' Alkemadelaan 13-1512built1967
Umicore Headquarters9built
Westkaai 5116built2009
Westkaai 4116built2009
RUCA Residentie13built
RUCA Building13built
Ramada Plaza Antwerp Hotel12built