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Ministry Of Finance25built2001(1)
MHP Headquarters20built2003
MESA Akasya Evleri - 224built
MESA Akasya Evleri - 124built
Park Oran Office Tower23built2012
Royal Garden Park IV24built2003(1)
Royal Garden Park III24built2000(1)
Tepe Prime II22built2012(1)
Tepe Prime I22built2012(1)
Merkez Ordu Evi22built1990
Next Level Ankara [2]21built2014
Ankara Hilton Hotel21built1988
Cankaya Evleri III20built
Cankaya Evleri II20built
Cankaya Evleri I20built
Akaret Business Center19built2008
Alternatif Tower18built2012
Emek Business Center24built1962(1)
Ata Plaza16built2007(1)
MESA Headquarters20built
Mavi Ay Otel20built2014
Turkish Coal Industries25built1972(1)
Medicana Hospital18built2008
Gözde Plaza20built2004
Metrokent Residentials - 422built2008
Metrokent Residentials - 222built2008
Metrokent Residentials - 122built2008
Dorukent Bloklari - 422built2004
Dorukent Bloklari - 322built2004
Dorukent Bloklari - 222built2004
Dorukent Bloklari - 122built2004
Çankaya Park Vadi Evleri - E118built2008
Çankaya Park Vadi Evleri - C218built2008
Stad Hotel20built1962(1)
S.I.M Business Center 222built2002
S.I.M Business Center 122built2002
MESA Koru Sitesi II20built
MESA Koru Sitesi I20built
Defne Sitesi Type I - 120built
Central Bank of Turkey Headquarters16built1973
TEK Headquarters21built
Ministry Of Finance Tower II19built2001
Ministry of Foreign Affairs19built1981
Ziraat Bank Headquarters Annex Building16built1980
Demetkent Sitesi Block 420built
Demetkent Sitesi Block 320built
Demetkent Sitesi Block 220built
Demetkent Sitesi Block 120built
Ibni Sina Hospital18built1969
Grand Hotel18built1960
Defne Sitesi Type II18built
Department of Security18built1989
Koluman Plaza14built1998
Orman Apartmani17built1991
Defne Sitesi Type III - 217built
Defne Sitesi Type III - 117built
FTZ Plaza14built1997
State Council Building15built1965
Gaziosmanpasa Residence 219built
Gaziosmanpasa Residence19built
Emekli Sandigi17built1971
Elvankent Residences 816built
Elvankent Residences 716built
Elvankent Residences 616built
Elvankent Residences 516built
Elvankent Residences 416built
Elvankent Residences 316built
Elvankent Residences 216built
Elvankent Residences 116built
Defne Sitesi Type IV - 516built
Defne Sitesi Type IV - 416built
Defne Sitesi Type IV - 316built
Defne Sitesi Type IV - 216built
Defne Sitesi Type IV - 116built
MKEK Headquarters15built1981
Turkish Air Force Headquarters15built1984
Turkish Air Force Headquarters15built1984
Red Crescent Building14built2002
Red Crescent14built2002
Emlak Kredi Bank12built1987
Emlak Kredi Bank12built1987
Sinpas Plaza50proposed
Nata Tower39proposed
Hayat Sebla Evleri - 430built2009
Yildirim Tower28under construction
Hayat Sebla Evleri - 227built2008
Goktesehir A Blok25built2008
Hayat Sebla Evleri - 324built2009
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