Almaty is Kazakhstan's largest city, and former capital city from 1929 to 1998.

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AFD Tower 242proposed
AFD Tower 142proposed
Esentai Tower37built2008(2)
Nurly Tau 234built2008(1)
Nurly Tau 134built2008(1)
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University - Mai...18built
Hotel Kazakhstan26built1977(2)
Rahat Towers 125built2010(1)
Rahat Tower 225built2010(1)
MegaTower 725built2008(1)
MegaTower 625built2008(1)
MegaTower 525built2008(1)
MegaTower 425built2008(1)
MegaTower 325built2006(1)
MegaTower 225built2006(1)
MegaTower 125built2006(1)
Almaty Tower 622built2006(1)
Almaty Tower 522built2005(1)
Almaty Tower 422built2005(1)
Almaty Tower 322built2005(1)
Almaty Tower 222built2005(1)
Almaty Tower 122built2005(1)
Sairan 2nd Block Tower IV25built2012
Sairan 2nd Block Tower III25built2012
Sairan 2nd Block Tower II25built2012
Sairan 2nd Block Tower I25built2012(1)
Zhastar II23built2007
Stolichny Center21built2005
Three at Gagarin & Satpayev Streets21built2005
Parkview Tower16built2010
Sairan 55th Block Office Building15built2010
JW Marriott Residences III21built2011
JW Marriott Residences II21built2011
JW Marriott Residences I21built2010
Bes Tulga 421built
Bes Tulga 321built
Bes Tulga 221built2011
Bes Tulga 121built2009
Sairan 20th Block Tower III21built2013
Sairan 20th Block Tower II21built2013
Sairan 20th Block Tower I21built2013
Sairan 29th Block Tower J20built2010
Sairan 29th Block Tower I20built2010
Sairan 29th Block Tower H20built2010
Sairan 29th Block Tower G20built2010
Sairan 29th Block Tower D20built2008
Sairan 29th Block Tower C20built2008
Sairan 29th Block Tower B20built2008
Sairan 29th Block Tower A20built2008
Mercur 320built2004
Mercur 220built2004
Mercur 120built2004
Sairan 46th Block Tower Three18built2012
Sairan 46th Block Tower Four18built2012
Bes Tulga Business Centre15proposed
Zheruyik Tower C18built2011
Zheruyik Tower B18built2011
Four at Gagarin & Satpayev Streets18built2007
The Globus15built2010
Zhastar III19built2007
Zhastar I19built2007
Tengiz Tower 519built2006
Tengiz Tower 419built2006
Tengiz Tower 319built2006
Tengiz Tower 219built2006
Tengiz Tower 119built2006
Sairan 29th Block Tower F18built2010
Sairan 29th Block Tower E18built2008
Alatau Business Centre15built2007
103 Panfilov Street19built
101 Panfilov Street19built
Samal Towers17built2001(1)
Vesnovka Tower II18built2010
Vesnovka Tower I18built2010
Turkuaz Tower17built2005
Arman I17built2007
Altyn Zaman16built2005
Tole Bi Tau III16built2007
Tole Bi Tau II16built2007
Tole Bi Tau I16built2007
Tau Samal16built2007
Talisman 216built2007
Republic Square Tower 116built1980
Ovation 216built2004
Astana 216built2007
InterContinental Almaty12built1996
Zheruyik Tower D15built2010
Zheruyik Tower A15built2010
Two at Toraygyrov Street15built2005
Three at Toraygyrov Street15built2005
One at Toraygyrov Street15built2005
Arman II15built2007
Sairan 46th Block Tower Two13built2009
Sairan 46th Block Tower One13built2008
Sairan 2nd Block Office Tower11built2012
Keremet 213built2004
Hyatt Regency Almaty11built
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