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World Trade Center Abu Dhabi - The Residences88built2014(3)
ADNOC Headquarters65built2015(3)
The Landmark72built2013(2)
Etihad Tower 277built2011(1)
The Wings Residential Tower72proposed
Sky Tower74built2010(3)
ADDAX Tower62built2015(1)
Trust Tower60built2013(2)
Etihad Tower 170built2011(1)
Nation Towers - Tower A65built2011(1)
Etihad Tower 362built2011(1)
Central Market Hotel Tower58on hold(1)
Sun Tower65built2010(2)
The Gate66built2013(2)
Etihad Tower 461built2011(1)
Nation Towers - Tower B52built2013(1)
Empire Tower60on hold
The Leaf60built2015(1)
Tameer Tower C62on hold
Tameer Tower A62on hold
Etihad Tower 556built2011(1)
Sama Tower50built2013(1)
Regent Emirates Pearl47built2015(1)
Al Ain Tower47built2011(1)
IPIC Square35built2012
Tala Tower49built2013
Abu Dhabi Investment Authority Tower 139built2005(2)
Sowwah Square Tower 437built2011(1)
Sowwah Square Tower 337built2011(1)
HYDRA 55 Tower B55on hold
HYDRA 55 Tower A55on hold
Shining Towers42built2012(1)
Capital Plaza Residential Tower B45built2011
National Bank of Abu Dhabi33built2002(2)
Creek Tower53built2014
Ocean Terrace Residence43built2010
Marina Blue51built2010
Burooj Views45built2012
Baynunah Hilton Tower Hotel40built1994(2)
Millennium Bab Al Qasr37built2015
Capital Gate35built2010(2)
Sowwah Square Tower 231built2011(1)
Sowwah Square Tower 131built2011(1)
Etisalat Headquarters27built2001(1)
Capital Plaza Office Tower33built2011
RAK Towers43built2010
Al Wifaq Tower34built2012
Abu Dhabi Investment Authority Tower 233built2007
Tameer Tower B40on hold
Solaris Omega35built2016
Sigma Tower 228built2012
Sigma Tower 128built2012
Tameer Tower D40on hold
Capital Plaza Hotel Tower31built2011
Capital Plaza Residential Tower C39built2011
Capital Plaza Residential Tower A39built2011
Abu Dhabi Investment Council Headquarters ...30built2012
Abu Dhabi Investment Council Headquarters ...30built2012
Al Bahar Towers [2]25built2012(1)
Al Bahar Towers [1]25built2012(1)
Rosewood Hotel36built2012(1)
ADNOC Tower33built2007
Etisalat Tower25built2000(1)
Sky Gardens33under construction
Le Royal Meridien Hotel32built1993(1)
Silver Tower30built
Al Hilal Bank Tower24built2015
Union National Bank21built1996
Abu Dhabi Oil Refing Company Tower29built2004
Abu Dhabi Gas Processing Company Tower29built2004
ADNOC Headquarters Tower 228built2005
ADNOC Headquarters Tower 128built2005
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank24built2008
The Oceanscape29built2012
Marina Bay West29on hold
Sea Side Tower30built2014
Amaya Towers B30built2012
Amaya Towers A30built2012
Aldar Headquarters23built2010(2)
Bin Arar Centre26built
Rabdam Tower 122built1999
Eliaziah Tower22built1998
Dinna Tower22built1995
City Tower 222built
Al Nuwais Building 322built1999
Al Nuwais Building 222built1999
Al Nuwais Building 122built1999
Nahda Tower26built1998
Zayed Military City Tower 925built
Zayed Military City Tower 825built
Zayed Military City Tower 725built
Zayed Military City Tower 625built
Zayed Military City Tower 525built
Zayed Military City Tower 425built
Zayed Military City Tower 325built
Zayed Military City Tower 225built
Zayed Military City Tower 1025built
Zayed Military City Tower 125built
Abu Dhabi Grand Hotel25built
Bani Yas Tower23built
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