Located in northwest North Carolina's Yadkin Valley wine country, Winston-Salem is the largest hyphenated city in the United States and the worlds leading regenerative medicine research center. The city is also a leader in health care and has two of the three largest hospitals in the state, including one of the largest university medical centers in the southeast United States. Winston-Salem hosts several largest festivals each year. Among them are the state beer festival, Bookmarks, RibFest, the state wine festival and a regional wine festival downtown, along with the River Run International Film Festival and the National Black Theater Festival. Winston-Salem is known as The City of the Arts for its many arts attractions and firsts in the arts. Its also the best preserved colonial city in the nation, with several downtown buildings dating back to the mid-1700s.

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Prudential Building7built1994(1)
Park Building7built1998(3)
Liberty Main Parking Deck7built1971(1)
Goler Manor7built2007(1)
Forsyth Hall of Justice7built1974(3)
First National Bank Building7destroyed(1)
Downtowner Hotel7destroyed(1)
Bryce A. Stuart Municipal Building7built2001(4)
Zinzendorf West End Resort Hotel6destroyed(1)
Winston Factory Lofts6built1916(2)
Tar Branch Towers6built2005(2)
Piedmont Leaf Lofts6built1890(1)
Patten Building6built1922(2)
Masonic Temple6destroyed(2)
Liipfert Scales Building6destroyed(1)
Hotel Zinzendorf6destroyed(3)
Forsyth Government Center6built1916(2)
Forsyth County Courthouse6destroyed(4)
Eight Thirty Six Oak6built1911(4)
Brookstown Inn6built1837(2)
Smith Reynolds Airport (INT)5built1941(1)
Main Hall5built1854(1)
One Salem Towerbuilt1989(4)
NCDENR Northwest Regional Officebuilt1967(1)
Healy Towersbuilt(1)
Golden State Mutual Buildingbuilt1969(1)
City Halldestroyed(1)
Brown & Williamson Buildingdestroyed(1)
Blue Ridge Insurancebuilt1993(6)
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