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St. Louis

Sits along the border of Missouri and Illinois on the Mississippi.

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Pruitt-Igoe Homes XXVI11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XXV11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XXIX11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XXIV11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XXIII11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XXII11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XXI11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XX11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XVIII11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XVII11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XVI11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XV11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XIX11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XIV11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XIII11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XII11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XI11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes X11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes VIII11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes VII11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes V11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes IX11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes IV11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes III11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes II11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes I11destroyed(1)
The Westmoreland11built1922
Cochran Gardens IV12destroyed
Cochran Gardens III12destroyed
Cochran Gardens II12destroyed
Cochran Gardens I12destroyed
Washington University Nurse's Home11destroyed
The President11built1928
The Fairmont11built1921
St. Louis Children's Hospital10destroyed
Tramore Castle Apartments11built1928
Four Points by Sheraton St. Louis Downtown11built1974
Adlon Condominiums10built1926
150 North Channing Avenue10destroyed
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XXVIII11destroyed(1)
4545 Lindell11built2007
YMCA Building10built1925
Olin Residence Hall10built1959
Hampton Inn St. Louis Union Station11built1965
Chariton Senior Retirement Apartments11built
Tower Grove Manor10built1923
Doctor's Building11destroyed
Operation Breakthrough I12destroyed
Reinert Hall10built1970
Darst-Webbe Apartments12destroyed
The West Pine Apartments10built1971
The James House10built1970
Marguerite Hall10built1955
Ballpark Village Tower III27stale proposal
Ballpark Village Tower VI19stale proposal
Kingsbury Terrace11built
West Pine Apartments10built
Ambassador Buildingdestroyed
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