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St. Louis

Sits along the border of Missouri and Illinois on the Mississippi.

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Lindell Terrace15built1965
Mark Twain Hotel15destroyed
Hampton Inn St. Louis Downtown16built1963
St. Louis Children's Hospital12built1982
625 South Skinker16built1929
LaSalle Building13built1910
634 North Grand12built1923
Mel Carnahan Courthouse10built1933
Pierre Chouteau Apartments17built1930
The Park Royal15built1929
Terra Cotta Lofts12built1923
Hampden Hall14built1925
Jefferson Arms Apartments13built1928
Railton Residence14built1928
Rand Johnson Memorial Building13built1931
One Financial Plaza12built1985
Louderman Lofts12built1925
National Bank of Commerce Building11destroyed
Equitable Building10destroyed
Montclair on the Park15built1951
Frisco Building13built1904
Security Building11built1891
LGL Centre11built1913
Buder Building13destroyed
Lindell Towers East15built1927
Jesuit Hall14built1930
Shell Building13built1926
Lindell Towers West14built1928
Greystone Apartments14built1925
Ford on the Plaza Apartments14built1950
Cotton Belt Building10destroyed
809 South Skinker Boulevard15cancelled
1509 Washington11built1910
Famous-Barr Warehouse10destroyed
100 North Tucker11built1965
Design Center Lofts12built1913
McDonnell Pediatric Research Building11built2000
Marquette Building Annex11destroyed
Fashion Square Building11built1926
Blumeyer Housing IV14built1967
St. Louis Children's Hospital Annex11destroyed
Federal Reserve Building10built1924
Century Building10destroyed
Mansion House Condominiums14cancelled
Blu CitySpaces14built1961
50 Plaza Square14built1961
40 Plaza Square14built1961
30 Plaza Square14built1961
20 Plaza Square14built1961
10 Plaza Square14built1961
Wohl Memorial Hospital11built1953
East McDonnell Specialized Research Facility11built1995
Wainwright Building10built1892(2)
Charles F. Knight Emergency & Trauma Center10built2002
John Cochran Veterans Hospital11built1951
Bottle District Hotel12cancelled
San Luis Apartments11destroyed
Hotel York11destroyed
Time Building10destroyed
McDonnell Medical Sciences Building10built1968
Beaumont Medical Building10destroyed
Jackson Arms Apartments13built1964
4643 Lindell12under construction
Drury Plaza Hotel10built1958
Clinical Sciences Research Building10built1983
Chase Park Plaza Hotel10built1922
Parkview Apartments13built1972
Del Coronado Apartments13built1983
Marchetti Towers Apartments II12built1962
Marchetti Towers Apartments I12built1962
Missouri Athletic Club10built1916
City Museum10built1931
SoHo Square12built1951
Hutcheson Arms11built1928
Forty-Five-Fifteen Lindell Apartments11built1927
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XXXIII11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XXXII11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XXXI11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XXX11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XXVII11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XXVI11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XXV11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XXIX11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XXIV11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XXIII11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XXII11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XXI11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XX11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XVIII11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XVII11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XVI11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XV11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XIX11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XIV11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XIII11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XII11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes XI11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes X11destroyed(1)
Pruitt-Igoe Homes VIII11destroyed(1)
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