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Two Kansas City Place65cancelled(2)
Three Kansas City Place55cancelled(1)
Sailors Project Tower 153cancelled
P&L Tower45cancelled
Downtown Convention Center Hotel40cancelled(1)
Power and Light Building, Tower 2cancelled(1)
Kansas City Office Building34cancelled
International Trade Center34cancelled
GSA Building28cancelled
P&L District Condos and W Hotel35cancelled(1)
Arena Office Tower29cancelled
UMB Financial Building25cancelled
Convention Center Hotel33cancelled
Sailors Project Tower 232cancelled
Four Kansas City Place24cancelled
Central Park Plaza24cancelled
Trade Center Offices20cancelled
Power and Light Tower I20cancelled
San Francisco Tower #226cancelled(1)
GSA Regional Headquarters20cancelled
Union Hill Village Tower24cancelled
Power and Light Tower II18cancelled
Promenade Tower22cancelled
Copaken Tower18cancelled(1)
Freight House Hotel21cancelled
Alameda Tower 221cancelled(1)
The Broadway17cancelled(1)
Block Realtors Res Tower20cancelled
Trade Center Hotel20cancelled
Sailors Project Tower 320cancelled
Roanoke Manor20cancelled
Kansas City Place Townhomes/Apartments I20cancelled
Tesla Building15cancelled(1)
Wellington Place Tower 215cancelled(1)
Wellington Place Tower 115cancelled(1)
Kansas City Place Townhomes/Apartment II16cancelled
American Century Expansion13cancelled(1)
University Park I12cancelled
University Park 212cancelled
Union Station Office Tower12cancelled
Plaza West Tower II12cancelled
Kansas City Power and Light Headquarters12cancelled
Ameristar Casino Hotel- Tower II13cancelled
Kansas City Place Townhomes/Apartments IV14cancelled
Kansas City Place Townhomes/Apartments III14cancelled
Van Tuyl Project Tower20cancelled
President Townhomes12cancelled
University Park 410cancelled
University Park 310cancelled
Sailors Project Tower 410cancelled
New Patient Tower 29cancelled
New Patient Tower 37cancelled
River Hills Vcancelled
River Hills IVcancelled
River Hills IIIcancelled