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Waldheim Building16destroyed(1)
Muehlebach Hotel17destroyed(1)
Sears Mail Order Center12destroyed
Gloyd Building12destroyed
Columbia National Bank12destroyed
National Cloak & Suit Company Building12destroyed
Hotel Kansas Citian12destroyed
National Fidelity Life Building12destroyed
Sharp Building10destroyed(1)
Baltimore Hotel12destroyed
1016 Baltimore Building10destroyed
TWA Building8destroyed
The Hotel State11destroyed
Security Building9destroyed
American Bank Building8destroyed
Westgate Hotel11destroyed
Quality Hill Tower 511destroyed(1)
Quality Hill Tower 411destroyed(1)
Quality Hill Tower 311destroyed(1)
Lathrop Building8destroyed
Dixon Hotel7destroyed
Twin Oaks Tower 212destroyed
Twin Oaks Tower 112destroyed(1)
Heritage House11destroyed
Wayne Minor Building Two10destroyed
Wayne Minor Building Three10destroyed
Wayne Minor Building One10destroyed
Wayne Minor Building Four10destroyed
Wayne Minor Building Five10destroyed
Fluor Building10destroyed
School of Nursing8destroyed
National Garage8destroyed
US Government Building3destroyed
Empire Court Hoteldestroyed