Baltimore was founded 1729, named for the founder of the Colony of Maryland, George Calvert, Lord Baltimore. The city has been one of the nation's leading seaports since colonial times.

Baltimore earned it's fame as an important commercial and maritime center, since before the American Revolutionary War. During the defense of Fort McHenry by American forces during the British attack on September 13, 1814, a poet-lawyer named Francis Scott Key wrote what would become "The Star-Spangled Banner."

Today, Baltimore is one the nation's leading port and industrial cities. The population of the metropolitan area is over 2.5 million.

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Tower Building16destroyed(1)
Hollander Ridge Tower20destroyed
Broadway Homes Tower22destroyed
New Emerson Hotel18destroyed
Calvert Building13destroyed
Southern Hotel15destroyed
St. Paul Building11destroyed
Lexington Terrace III14destroyed
George B. Murphy Homes IV14destroyed
George B. Murphy Homes III14destroyed
George B. Murphy Homes II14destroyed
George B. Murphy Homes I14destroyed
Lexington Terrace V11destroyed
Lexington Terrace IV11destroyed
Lexington Terrace II11destroyed
Lexington Terrace I11destroyed
Flag House Courts III12destroyed
Flag House Courts II12destroyed
Flag House Courts I12destroyed
Lafayette Courts III12destroyed
Lafayette Courts I12destroyed
Lafayette Courts VI11destroyed
Lafayette Courts V11destroyed
Lafayette Courts IV11destroyed
Lafayette Courts II11destroyed