Nicknamed "The Windy City" not for its weather patterns, but for its 1893 bidding for the World's Fair. The bidding was so fierce, a New York Sun editor wrote: "Don't pay attention to the nonsensical claims of that windy city. Its people could not build a world's fair even if they won it."

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Mentor Building17built1906
St. Mary of Nazareth Hospital16built1975
Criminal Courts Administration Building16built1974
College of Medicine16built1936
Chicago Bar Association Building16built1990
Fisher Apartments21built1964
Niche 90518built2017
Edgewater Beach Apartments20built1928
5757 North Sheridan20built1961
Old Colony Building17built1894
Hyatt Place West Loop Chicago18built2015
Twin Towers West22built1952
Twin Towers East22built1952
Schiller Tower21built1963
Warren N. Barr, Sr. Tower20built1973
The Parkland20built1963
LaSalle Terrace20built1973
Hampden Tower20built1972
Eckhart Apartments20built1965
Astor Villa20built1974
3639 North Pine Grove20built1968
Vision on State19built2007
LaSalle Towers Apartments19built1929
Grace Street Towers19built1975
2130 North Lincoln Park West19built1927
20 East Cedar19built1925(1)
1420 North Lake Shore19built1929
Tarry Research Building18built1990
2440 North Lakeview18built1927
Lake View Building17built1912
East West University Student Life Center17built2013(1)
Jelke Building15built1965
10 West Elm20built1929(1)
Viceroy Hotel18built2017
The Darien23built1955
Park Place18built2002
LaSalle Atrium Building17built1912(1)
The Boulevard16built1912
Manhattan Building16built1891(1)
Carson Pirie Scott Store - Department Store12built1900(1)
Leland-Sheridan Apartments20built1967
1448 North Lake Shore19built1927
The Mayfair Condominiums18built1924
Fullerton Parkway Towers18built1928
Flamingo Apartments18built1927
Marquette Building17built1895(2)
340 West Superior17built2002
Maurice L. Rothschild Building12built1928(1)
Lewis Towers17built1927
Library Tower16built2008
South Pointe Tower23built1966
Paul G. Stewart Apartments III20built1976
Paul G. Stewart Apartments II20built1979
2430 North Lakeview18built1927
State Bank of India16built1893(1)
Harris Bank - Operations Center15built1973
330 South Wells Street16built1927(1)
Clinical Sciences Building14built1953
Spoke Tower A15built2018
2120 North Lincoln Park West23built2001
Hilliard Homes II22built1966
Hilliard Homes I22built1966
Sheridan Towers21built1952
Lake Meadows IV21built(1)
Lake Meadows II21built1958(1)
Pioneer Village20built1981
Homewood Suites by Hilton Chicago-Downtown20built1999(1)
Vue20 Condominiums19built2003(1)
Sunnyside Apartments19built1969
Sherway Tower19built1979
Clark-Irving Apartments19built1969
7345 South Shore19built1963
4100 North Marine Drive19built1958
3110 North Sheridan19built1965
30 East Elm19built1960(1)
Pensacola Place Apartments18built1981
Cornelia Apartments17built1926
Canterbury Court Apartments17built1928(1)
The Belvedere16built2004
Lewis Center16built1917
Reliance Building15built1895(2)
Lake Meadows III21built(1)
Lake Meadows I21built1958(1)
Searle Building16built1963
Sheridan Point21built1969
Worcester House19built1926
James J. Mertz Residence19built1969
2970 North Lake Shore19built1954
2909 North Sheridan19built1952
2555 North Clark19built1987
211 West Wacker19built1928(1)
The Neapolitan18built2001
40 East Delaware17built1926(1)
1540 North Lake Shore Drive17built1925(1)
Monadnock Building16built1891(1)
Gibbons Building16built1912
Fulton House Condominiums16built1908
I Am Temple Building15built1916
Freehand Hotel15built1927(1)
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago15built1922
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