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Nicknamed "The Windy City" not for its weather patterns, but for its 1893 bidding for the World's Fair. The bidding was so fierce, a New York Sun editor wrote: "Don't pay attention to the nonsensical claims of that windy city. Its people could not build a world's fair even if they won it."

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Sandburg Village - Cummings House28built1963
Sandburg Village - Alcott House28built1963
1 East Scott24built1970
Central Station - Prairie District Tower23built2003
Consumers Building21built1913
Michigan Place20built1981
Majestic Building20built1905
Mundelein College Skyscraper15built1931
The Hermitage on Huron26built1985
Palmer House Hotel25built1927
Victor Lawson YMCA24built1931(1)
550 West Adams19built2006(1)
Sandburg Village - Bryant House28built1962
Central Park - The Lofts at Museum Park II21built2006(1)
Deaborn Plaza17built2000(1)
Hemingway House29built1968
Esplanade Apartments II28built1956(1)
Holiday Inn Chicago City Centre27built1976
South Commons - Oxford Mall26built1969
Thorndale Beach South25built1966
South Commons - Stratford Mall25built1972
Lawless Gardens I25built1969(1)
Harper Square South25built1970
Harper Square North25built1970
2700 North Hampden25built1965
Quaker Oats Headquarters17built2002(1)
Esplanade Apartments I28built1956(1)
Lake View Towers South26built1970
Lake View Towers North26built1970
McCormick Building20built1912
Central Park - Museum Park Place I23built2006(2)
FCB Center20built1986
Congress Center17built2001(1)
The Aquatania27built1969
3900 North Lake Shore Drive25built1960
AMLI 90024built2008(1)
Mallers Building21built1910(1)
Michigan Avenue Lofts20built1911
Edison Building20built1907
25 East Washington20built1914
55 West Wacker16built1968(1)
St. Edmund's Village24built1971
Lawless Gardens III24built1968(1)
Lawless Gardens II24built1968(1)
Peninsula Hotel17built2001
Commonwealth Promenade I27built1956(1)
Commonwealth Promenade II27built1956(1)
DePaul on Michigan26built1983
Kennelly Square25built1973
Narragansett Apartments22built1929
The Eddystone22built1929
Union Tower18built1999(1)
Burnham Park Plaza20built1915
Hilton Garden Inn26built2016(1)
Jones Chicago25built2015(1)
Eastwood Towers24built1969
Belle Plaine Apartments24built1972
1000 North Lake Shore23built1954
3550 North Lake Shore II27built1962
3550 North Lake Shore I27built1962
Barry West Apartments26built1964
The Edge Lofts and Tower21built2004
Lurie Medical Research Building13built2005(1)
Shoreline Towers24built1961
North Bridge - Hilton Garden Inn24built1999
21 East Chestnut23built1963
Stevens Building19built1913
Steger Building19built1910
Heyworth Building19built1905
Fashion Trades Building19built1930
Clark & Grand Hotels18built2013(1)
209 East Lake Shore18built1925
350 North LaSalle15built1990
River North Park23built1986
Luther Terrace23built1974
1430 North Lake Shore23built1928
1250 North Dearborn23built1990
W Hotel City Center22built1927
550 West Washington17built2000
Oglesby Towers25built1963
SoNo East Tower22built2012(2)
Hartford Plaza North20built1961
555 West Cornelia20built1961
Sears Merchandise Building14built1905(2)
Marshall Field & Company Store13built1914(1)
Sixty West Erie22built2003
The Warwick23built1974
The Brownstone23built1975
Lakeside Square Apartments23built1969
Beacon Apartments23built
Ambassador House23built1965
253 East Delaware23built1958
Moody Bible Institute - Culbertson Hall20built1969
One East 15th Place23built2001
5000 South Cornell21built1930
Lake Shore Center19built1924
The Grand Orleans21built2005
Central Station - Lakeside Tower19built2006
Auditorium Building17built1889(1)
Wacker Tower17built1928(1)
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