Nicknamed "The Windy City" not for its weather patterns, but for its 1893 bidding for the World's Fair. The bidding was so fierce, a New York Sun editor wrote: "Don't pay attention to the nonsensical claims of that windy city. Its people could not build a world's fair even if they won it."

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Days Inn Lincoln Park13built1929
516 West Briar13built1966
Plymouth Building11built1898(1)
Hyde Park Bank Building11built1928
Algonquin Apartments III14built1951
The Drake Hotel13built1920(1)
International House12built1932
Cabrini-Green Homes VI15built1962(1)
Cabrini-Green Homes I15built1962(1)
1225 Old Town15built2012
Winston Tower II14built1966(1)
The Kenwood of Lakeview14built1951
Chicago Building14built1904
350 West Oakdale14built1951
Shoreland Hall13built1923
Printers Square Apartments II13built1913
Printers Square Apartments I13built1913
431 West Roscoe13built1927
Emerald South12built2008(1)
Emerald North12built2008(1)
Drexel Towers Apartments14built1970
The Ambassador13built1919
Schneider Apartments13built1976
5815 North Sheridan13built1952
Hampton Inn & Suites12built1998
Hollywood House12built1963
Princeton Apartments14built1969
Elizabeth Davis Apartments14built1964
Paul G. Stewart Apartments IV13built1996
Clarendon Courts13built1980
City View Tower13built2003
Ravenswood Hospital Residences12built1973
227 East Walton13built1956
Shields Apartments13built1963
Lawndale Terrace13built1981
Lake Terrace13built1959
Heiwa Terrace13built1980
River East - City View Condominiums II12built1991
River East - City View Condominiums I12built1991
Parkshore Apartments12built1926
Junior Tower Apartments12built
Del Prado Apartments12built1918
Lake Michigan Homes - Apartments14built1962
Veterans West Side Hospital12built1952
The Chippewa14built1951
Midwest Terrace Apartments14built1964
William Jones Apartments13built1963
Wicker Park Apartments II13built
Wicker Park Apartments I13built1964
LaSalle Division Apartments13built1974
Lake Meadows V13built
Armour Square Apartments II13built1965
Armour Square Apartments I13built1965
4750 North Clarendon13built1951
450 West Briar13built1972
The Granville12built2008
The Bryn Mawr12built1928
Sheridan Lakeview Apartments12built1930
Lawrence House12built1928
Hotel Felix Chicago12built1927
Commonwealth Apartments12built1924
2450 North Lakeview12built1923
231 East Delaware12built1922
1550 North State Parkway12built1918
The Van Buren10built
Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies10built2007
Federal Building10built
Spring Grove Apartments13built1967
Brockton Apartments13built1950
Chicago Marriott O'Hare12built1967
219 East Lake Shore12built1922
Poinsettia Apartments12built1929
Lakeside Tower12built1929
United States Custom House11built1932
Holiday Inn Chicago O'Hare11built
Johnson Publishing Company Building11built
707 North Wells11built2015
Lake Park Manor12built1970
Travelodge Chicago12built1930
The Pierre12built1918
The Mayfair12built
Sheridan Plaza12built1920
Parc Lane Apartments12built1927
Norman Apartments12built1929
Medical District City - Apartments South12built1972
Medical District City - Apartments North12built1972
Lake Meadows X12built
Lake Meadows VIII12built1955
Lake Meadows VII12built
Lake Meadows VI12built
Lake Meadows IX12built
Indiana Terrace12built1971
Granada Towers12built1966
Gold Coast Suites12built1927
Dearborn Park - The Terraces12built1983
Campbell Terrace Apartments12built1984
Buena Pointe12built2004
Park Newberry12built1998
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