Puerto Madryn

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Edificio Torremar14built1992(1)
ECA I14built1992(1)
Gancybel III13built1994(1)
Gancybel II13built1993(1)
Edificio Roca II13built1990(1)
Torre 4M Mar11built2013(1)
Gancybel IV13built1996(1)
Edificio Mar Azul13built2006(1)
Rayentray Puerto Madryn Hotel & Casino10built2008(1)
Hotel Australis Yene Hue11built2006(1)
Gales I13built2013(1)
Vista Puerto Madryn12built2015(1)
Nuevo Madryn II12built2010(1)
ECA III12built1993(1)
Nuevo Madryn III11built2014(1)
Nuevo Madryn I12built2008(1)