Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia and the province's second-largest metropolitan region.

Situated on the southern-most tip of Vancouver Island, the metropolitan region of Victoria is comprised of thirteen municipalities that combine for a regional population of 344,615.

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Roundhouse, Tower II23proposed
Hudson Place One25under construction(1)
Orchard House22built1969(2)
Vivid at the Yates20under construction
The Yates on Yates20under construction
Hudson Place Tower 217proposed(1)
Sussex Place11built1995(1)
Roberts House21built1973(1)
Executive House Hotel19built1965(2)
View Towers19built(2)
Encore17under construction(1)
Regents Park East17built1991(3)
The Falls18built2009
989 Johnson Tower [1]17under construction
North Park Manor16built1975(2)
The Manhattan15built1995(1)
Roundhouse, Tower III25proposed
Chateau Victoria Hotel18built(2)
Bank of Commerce Tower12built1969(3)
Marriott Inner Harbour16built2004(2)
Princess Patricia Apartments15built(1)
989 Johnson Tower [2]15under construction
Tapestry15under construction
St. Andrew's Square 210built1998(1)
Hudson Walk One15built2016
Rohani Building11built(1)
Camosack Manor15built(1)
Sea West Quay 113built1982(1)
The Metropolitan12built1995(1)
The Fairmont Empress Resort Hotel10built1908(3)
The Wave13built2006
Legislative Buildings5built1897(2)
Bickerton Court14built1962(1)
Shoal Point13built2003(1)
Fanin Building13built1967
Clarence House13built1972
Beckley Manor13built1964
The Sandpiper12built1982
750 Pandora Avenue12built2018
Charter House13built(1)
Pacific Monarch11built1990(1)
The 83414built2011
Sea West Quay 213built1982(1)
Goodacre South13built(1)
Goodacre North13built(1)
Seaview Towers12built
Sitkum Lodge11built1984(1)
Regents Park West11built1991(1)
Hotel Grand Pacific10built1989
Roundhouse, Tower IV16proposed
Regent House13built(1)
Lord Simcoe13built(1)
Lady Simcoe13built(1)
Roundhouse Tower I12proposed
The Chelsea12built1978(1)
Harbour Towers Hotel & Suites13built1974
Laurel Point Condominiums11built1976
First Island Financial Centre9built(2)
Speed Avenue West Tower12proposed
Speed Avenue East Tower12proposed
The Sovereign11built2013
Jack Davis Building8built1992(1)
Aria Tower II12built2008
Aria Tower I12built2008
Parc RĂ©sidences12built2005(2)
1675 Douglas7built1992(1)
Bayview One11built2009
Tara Place10built
Worldmark Victoria9built2003(1)
The Savoy10built
The Mondrian10built2013
Sutton Place West10built1981
Sutton Place East10built1981
Harbourside Coast Hotel10built1991
Patient Care Centre8built2010
Treelane Estates 29built
Treelane Estates 19built
Shutters Spa & Residences East9built2007
Dallas Place9built
Balance at Dockside Green (tower II)9built2009
The Oswego Hotel10built2007
Harbourside 210built
Harbourside 110built1992
Balance at Dockside Green (tower I)10built2009
Denby Place9built
The Hudson6built1921
1803 Douglasbuilt
Jukebox9under construction
Belmont Building8built1912
Hudson Mews12built2014
Northern Junk Development8proposed
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