It was founded in 1666 (the oldest of Buenos Aires Province after Buenos Aires City) and officially became a city in 1916.

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Terrazas de Quilmes - Torre V16under construction(1)
Río Palace12under construction(1)
Alvear 33013under construction(1)
Sarmiento II15under construction(1)
Klover Ocampo15under construction(1)
B67 Curvan14under construction(1)
Humberto Primo 22113under construction(1)
Mirador al Río - Brandsen13under construction(1)
Maconda XV13under construction(1)
Klover Conesa14under construction(1)
Viewline13under construction(1)
Torre San Martín 87012under construction(1)
Edificio Celyna12under construction(1)
Vistas Del Plata I13under construction(1)
Teja I12under construction(1)
Dommo II12under construction(1)
Art Lavalle12under construction(1)
Klover Office9under construction(1)
Rivera 912under construction(1)
Matienzo 13312under construction(1)
Teja II11under construction(1)
Olavarría 27011under construction(1)
Sarmiento 72710under construction(1)
Brown 667 & 6699under construction(1)
Sensum - Sector E-F8under construction(1)
Sensum - Sector D8under construction(1)
Sensum - Sector C8under construction(1)
Rivera 811under construction(1)
Mayliss Tower11under construction(1)
Humberto Primo 12310under construction(1)