It was founded in 1666 (the oldest of Buenos Aires Province after Buenos Aires City) and officially became a city in 1916.

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Mitre 77714built2017(1)
Al 10 - Torre 214built2011(1)
Torre Orfeo13built2015(1)
Olavarría 11512built2006(1)
Brandsen VI12built2018(1)
9 de Julio 13712built1981(1)
Coronado I13built1972(1)
Chamber of Commerce of Quilmes - N. Videla...13built1982(1)
Alberdi I13built2002(1)
Bauhaus IV12built2018(1)
Alminar I12built2017(1)
Mirador al Sol11built2018(1)
Ediquil I14built1972(1)
Mitre 67813built1971(1)
Klover VI13built2017(1)
H. Yrigoyen 51613built1964(1)
H. Yrigoyen 48713built1970(1)
Brandsen IV13built2012(1)
Brandsen III13built2009(1)
25 de Mayo 12813built2008(1)
Moreno 33612built2007(1)
Alfa III12built2005(1)
Alem Building12built1971(1)
9 de Julio 22212built1995(1)
San Martín 57313built1969(1)
Maconda XI13built2016(1)
Immobile I13built2008(1)
Al 10 - Torre 113built2010(1)
Al 1212built2009(1)
Al 1112built2008(1)
Gral. Paz 63613built1965(1)
Garibaldi 33013built1996(1)
Brown 62713built1979(1)
Octavio XIV12built2016(1)
Novo I12built2006(1)
Mitre 56712built1997(1)
Dommo I12built2015(1)
Brown 43112built1997(1)
N. Videla 34313built1985(1)
Mirador del Río12built2008(1)
Klover V12built2016(1)
Garibaldi 25112built1976(1)
Catedral I12built1988(1)
Bredá I12built2017(1)
H. Yrigoyen 17511built1997(1)
Trinidad II10built2016(1)
Quilmeño Business Center10built2016(1)
Novo II13built2006(1)
Sarmiento 76812built2004(1)
Gifisa II12built1987(1)
Semipisos de Moreno11built2009(1)
Pringles 55711built1973(1)
Edificio España11built1960(1)
Alvear 57111built1980(1)
Al 911built2007(1)
25 de Mayo 22211built2016(1)
Humberto Primo 30613built1985(1)
Sarmiento 54612built1975(1)
San Martín 73012built1983(1)
Brown 37612built1993(1)
9 de Julio 16512built1982(1)
Tower Vista11built2015(1)
Torres del Plata11built2017(1)
Moreno 98311built2010(1)
Lavalle 540 - Santander Río11built1974(1)
Klover III11built2014(1)
Alvear 102311built2009(1)
Alberdi II11built2003(1)
Vuoto Primo10built2018(1)
Recovas de Alvear12built1996(1)
Finer V12built1982(1)
San Martín 32211built2005(1)
Petit I11built2007(1)
Olavarría 10711built2009(1)
Humberto Primo 16411built1995(1)
Conesa 17411built1998(1)
Alvear Building11built2015(1)
Alvear 72711built2014(1)
9 de Julio 37811built2007(1)
Mitre 32010built2013(1)
Colón 23110built2014(1)
Trinidad I11built2013(1)
Octavio XII11built2014(1)
N. Videla 30111built1980(1)
Fideicomiso Sol11built2016(1)
25 de Mayo 27711built2016(1)
Maconda XII10built2018(1)
Kilmesi I10built1969(1)
Colonia I10built2017(1)
Alsina Building10built1964(1)
Sarmiento 7309built2009(1)
Sensum - Sector A-B8built2016(1)
San Martín 54211built1969(1)
Mitre 114211built2015(1)
Lavalle 49011built1995(1)
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