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Munich is the capital of Bavaria and located in South Germany, on the Isar River near the Bavarian Alps.

Population of metropolitan area: 2,75 Million

Munich is a financial, commercial, industrial, transportation, communications, and cultural center. Its industries produce precision and optical instruments, electrical appliances, clothing, chemicals, motor vehicles, and beer. Munich is also a major center for film production and book publishing, and is home to one of Europe's largest wholesale produce markets. The city is a major tourist and convention center; a new airport handling both domestic and international flights was opened in 1992.

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Squareparc 110built2005
Nymphenburger Höfe , NY Office 110built2009
Helene-Mayer-Ring 720built1972
Helene-Mayer-Ring 1220built1972
Riesstraße 8419built
Klingsorstraße 319built
Gerhart-Hauptmann-Ring 918built1975
Gerhart-Hauptmann-Ring 1118built1982
Riesstraße 6717built
Riesstraße 6517built
Hotel Hilton München Park17built
Elektrastraße 517built
Elektrastrasse 1717built
Elektrastraße 1517built
Elektrastraße 1317built
Elektrastraße 1117built
Schumacherring 3116built1976
Schumacherring 2916built1976
Schumacherring 2716built1976
Schumacherring 2516built1976
Peschelanger 1916built
Ollenhauerstraße 916built1976
Ollenhauerstraße 716built1976
Ollenhauerstraße 516built1976
Ollenhauerstraße 1516built1976
Ollenhauerstraße 1316built1976
Ollenhauerstraße 1116built1976
Kafkastraße 4015built1971
Kafkastraße 3815built1971
Sauerbruchstraße 1014built
Riesstraße 6814built1972
Riesstraße 6614built
Peschelanger 1214built
Peschelanger 1114built
Peschelanger 1014built
Osterwaldstraße 7314built
Ortlindestraße 614built
Kafkastraße 4814built1972
Kafkastraße 4614built1972
Kafkastraße 4414built1972
Kafkastraße 4214built1972
Heiglhofstraße 7014built
Schwanthalerstraße 11313built
Riesstraße 7413built1972
Riesstraße 7213built1972
Riesstraße 7013built1972
New City Hall13built1908(1)
Haus Straubing13built
Gollierstraße 6 B13built
Gollierstraße 613built
Schumacherring 2312built1976
Riesstraße 5812built1972
Gerhart-Hauptmann-Ring 2412built
Casa Luz12built
Bürogebäude MK1310built2003
Rocco Forte Hotel9built2007
Living in Uptown Munich9built2003
Deutsches Museum8built1925(1)
Bayerische Staatskanzlei8built1993(1)
Altes Rathaus8built1310(1)
Campusgebäude D7built2003(1)
Campusgebäude C7built2003(1)
Campusgebäude B7built2003(1)
Campusgebäude A7built2003(1)
Wasserturm München-Lerchenau5built1931
Nymphenburg Schloß5built1675
Müllersches Volksbadbuilt1901
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