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One Meridian Plaza38destroyed(2)
Sheraton Penn Center Hotel21destroyed
Southwark Plaza III26destroyed(2)
Southwark Plaza II26destroyed(2)
Arcade Building21destroyed
Finance Building20destroyed
Penn Center Inn22destroyed
Franklin National Bank Building15destroyed
Adam's Mark Hotel Philadelphia20destroyed
Morris Building18destroyed
401 Walnut Street14destroyed
Mantua Hall18destroyed
Mill Creek Apartments III17destroyed
Mill Creek Apartments II17destroyed
Mill Creek Apartments I17destroyed
Schuylkill Falls Apartments II16destroyed
Schuylkill Falls Apartments I16destroyed
Broad Street Station11destroyed
United States Naval Hospital15destroyed
The Bellerich15destroyed
Fox Building16destroyed
Norman Blumberg Apartments I18destroyed
Colonial Building14destroyed
Frank & Seder Department Store12destroyed
Mayfair House14destroyed
Norman Blumberg Apartments II18destroyed
West End Trust Building14destroyed
Finance Building Annex14destroyed
Cambridge Plaza II14destroyed
Cambridge Plaza I14destroyed
Elks Lodge13destroyed
Queen Lane Apartments16destroyed
Sears Merchandise Center13destroyed
Raymond Rosen Homes VIII13destroyed
Raymond Rosen Homes VII13destroyed
Raymond Rosen Homes VI13destroyed
Raymond Rosen Homes V13destroyed
Raymond Rosen Homes IV13destroyed
Raymond Rosen Homes III13destroyed
Raymond Rosen Homes II13destroyed
Raymond Rosen Homes I13destroyed
Martin Luther King Plaza IV15destroyed
Lincoln Building13destroyed
Bulletin Building11destroyed
Peoples Trust Company Building10destroyed
Harrison Building12destroyed
Keystone State Building12destroyed
Auerbach Building11destroyed
Franklin Trust Company Building12destroyed
Hotel Essex12destroyed
Walton Hotel11destroyed
Boyertown Building10destroyed
Martin Luther King Plaza 311destroyed
Martin Luther King Plaza II11destroyed
Martin Luther King Plaza I11destroyed
Manhattan Building11destroyed
Gimbel Building10destroyed
Provident Life & Trust Company Building10destroyed
Presser Building Annex10destroyed
Fidelity Storage & Warehouse Building12destroyed
Drexel Building10destroyed
Mercantile Mart10destroyed
Gladstone Hotel10destroyed