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Park Towne Place East19built1959
One Franklin Town Apartments19built
Rittenhouse Regency16built1925
Biomedical Research Building II15built
1760 Market15built1981
Wesley Building14built1918
1900 Rittenhouse Square18built1926
Rittenhouse Place16built1928
Public Ledger Building12built1912
The Sprucemont17built1917
Museum Towers II16built2016
Penn Wynn House18built
Omni Independence Park Hotel16built1990
Museum Towers16built
1804 Rittenhouse Square16built1927
Arts Tower15built1922
Crozer Building13built1899
University City Science Center11built2014
Fairhill Apartments II18built1962
Fairhill Apartments I18built1962
Casa Fermi Apartments18built1964
Daniel J. Terra Building17built1914
Terminal Commerce Building15built1927
Interfaith House13built1929
Airport Tower Hotel17built1975
The Grandview16built1928
Foerderer Pavilion14built1954
Beury Building14built1927
American Postal Workers House13built1980
The Chatham16built1926
The Wellington15built
The Ambassador17built
Spring Garden Towers17built
Sidney Hillman Apartments17built
Sansom Place West17built1970
Two Fifty South 17th Street16built1920
Sofitel Philadelphia14built1965
1500 Spring Garden13built
Federal Detention Center12built2000
Lafayette Building11built1907
401 Market11built1972(1)
3001 Walnut10built1928
Stiles Alumni Hall16built
Rivers Edge Condominiums16built
The Cosmopolitan15built
Constitution Place13built1956
Archdiocese Office Building13built
Temple University Medical School12built2009
Stellar-Chance Laboratories12built1994
1900 Arch Street14built2014
Embassy Apartments15built1924
Witherspoon Building11built1897
1920 Chestnut10built
Town House15built
Towers Hall15built1986
Philadelphia Regency15built1952
Walnut Square Apartments13built1904
Reyburn Building13built1919
Independence Building Annex12built
Hospital of the University12built
Board of Education Building12built1930
Bellet Building12built1923
833 Chestnut East12built1927
Van Rensselaer Hall11built1932
Anne & Jerome Fisher Translational Researc...10built2010
1300 Chestnut10built1928
University Crossings14built1927
The Ayer14built1929
2021 Chestnut12built2016
Philadelphia Airport Marriott15built1995
Hilltower Apartments15built
Hathaway House Apartments15built
Oakwood Apartments13built1916
Delancey Place13built1924
JFK Community Mental Health Center12built1896
Jefferson Medical College Building12built1929
Curtis Clinic Building12built1931
1737 Chestnut12built1925
1700 Sansom12built1929
1520 Locust12built1926
1401 Walnut12built1911
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - ...12built2008
219 North Broad11built1921
Victory Building10built1901
Community House15built
The Westin Philadelphia13built
Continental Building12built1970
American Loft Building12built2008
1411 Walnut Apartments12built1912
Mount Sinai Hospital11built1930
511 North Broad10built1911
Samuel MV Hamilton Building11built1917
Bailey Building10built1903
Phillip Murray House14built1968
Blockley Hall14built1964
The Touraine13built1917
Huntsman Hall12built2002
Cambridge Apartments12built1928
2200 Arch12built1912
1600 Walnut12built1922
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